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  1. BipolarGaming

    Solved  iFruit Plates help

    Hello everyone, I have have looked online and tried all the fixes but nothing is working for me at all. I have made custom plates on the iFruit app and I am trying to transfer them to the game but I can’t get them to show up in los santos customs. The plate shows up in iFruit up the top and I...
  2. E


    Founders: KingAlexHD & Evilerbranch902 Video: NOTE: Please do this in free aim --> No Custom Plates Needed CEO Requirements: Nightclub / CEO Garage With Custom Auto Shop / At Least 10 Empty Slots / Free RH8 IN A CEO Garage 1,2,3 BUNKER Requirements: Nightclub / Bunker / M.O.C With Personal...
  3. W

    Question  Lost Custom Plates after Charles Proxy

    Can anyone shed some light as to why my custom plates vanished after trying to modify the mariachi tornado in Charles. I know the first thing that comes to mind is dupe detect, however i have never been dupe detected and even after losing custom plates i am still able to sell a retro every 31...
  4. C

    Solved  Need Help Plz!!!!

    Hello, Ive been trying to find out if there is any way to clean my dirty dupe plates :unsure:. Please help if anybody knows a way, thank you :smile:
  5. Adudz88

    Solved  Lost iFruit privileges???

    Hey guys/gals... I'm sure most of us that continuously reach our daily sell limit have lost our iFruit privileges (custom plates, etc) by now. I have an idea so if anyone is willing to try out or if anyone else has done this please let me know your results. The idea is to delete every custom...
  6. PureFred

    Solved  Help needed! Custom plates not showing up!

    helllooooo everyone, and I need an answer. So I have been duping a while ago, and got blue circle removed once and because if that, my plates aren’t showing up in gta online. If anyone has a fix to this, I’d really appreciate if you could reply, thanks!!
  7. llcubell

    Solved  Problem with Ifruit, Anyone else get this?

    Last few cars I've bought I haven't even had the option of a custom plate. After seeing this I would go to Ifruit and order one, I get the message in-game to "Drop by LS Customs to process my order." or whatever it says. Now here's the problem... I drive into LS and nothing happens. No option to...
  8. sweedy

    Patched  Clean Dirty Dupes For Free

    After testing for a couple of days, I think I've found a way to clean dirty plates with no investment other than some time. Requirements: Some dirty dupes. An empty car slot. I had noticed that occasionally, I could add a clean plate to a car that was definitely...
  9. Adudz88

    Patched  Free Custom License Plates (a different method)

    What's up my Se7enSins peeps? We got a nice little license plate freebie glitch here. Founder: Me Prerequisites: - a Smartphone with iFruit App - 100k in the bank Steps: 1) Do WFG's Director Mode Glitch (link to steps below)...
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