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  1. G

    Question  A new racing game that's being built to specifically support community mods

    Hi guys, There's a game being built called '22 Racing Series' (I'm one of the developers on it) that's being built from the ground up to fully support a modding community and content creator economy. We've been developing all our own game engine tech, game logic, and mod tools for the last 10...
  2. GlitchSquad

    Patched  RISK FREE NEW METHOD* Buy EVERYTHING for FREE in GTA & make 5 MILLION extra!

    Here is the after patch for the buy everything for free glitch which has been patched today.. Founders of the original glitch: WFG & supr420 Founders After-Patch: Apokalypt & seykoTiVi1 & 7sins Forum Preparation steps: Add your friends PSN account on your console, play the prologue and go...
  3. Cyteex

    Patched  Godmode on Planes!

    Founder: SaneGlitchers Founder PSN: Mavin2961 Schwichtus Steps: 1. You start a spontaneous race with a friend. 2. The person who was invited to the race drives to the Martin Mission and presses the right arrow key. 3. If you have spawned invisible then press Options - Online - Criminal...
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