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    You need to have two friends your friend needs to host ones you in the game your friend is going to remove you from the party but you will be still in the game after that the non host can jump of a high ledge or something if he press pauze then he should freeze mid air
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    Patched  Zombies solo god mode glitch after patch 1.07

    I am finally the founder of a band new easy method for the secret room without going down after patch 1.07. This is by far the easiest way to get into the secret room. Steps: go inside the pub to the location in the video, crouch and then jump. If reposting this video give me a shoutout as I...
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    Working  Revelations New After Patch 1.18 Pile up Glitch

    Hey guys I will be showing you guys on how to do a new pileup glitch. First go to place left of Der Rise door, it is like a hole where zombies come outta Once anti-gravity is on keep SINGLE JUMPING onto ledge May take 5-10 jumps Here is a Video IDK who the founder is or if it has been...
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    Working  AFK Walk-in Zombies Glitch (Shadows of Evil)

    Tutorial: 1. Go to the back of the Waterfront District 2. Go to the top step of the stairs 3. Jump onto the railing
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    Working  [ALL] JUGGERNOG GODMODE Glitch

    Tutorial: 1. Play "The Giant" Zombies 2. Get the Jugg perk machine to spawn in the corner near the bridge 3. Stand on the steps 4. Run, slide and jump to get in the corner next to jugg
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    Working  Zombie RAILING GLITCH (Shadows of Evil SOE)

    Tutorial: 1. Build the Zombie Shield 2. Go to the Canal High Street 3. Go to the bridge 4. Stand above the stairs 5. Run, thruster with you shield, and jump 6. You should get on top of the railing!
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    Working  Shadows of Evil PILE-UP GLITCH (Strafe Jump Fruit Stand)

    Tutorial: 1. Open up "Neros Landing" on Easy Street (Spawn Location) 2. Go through the ritual room out onto the bottom of the catwalk 3. Look to your left and you will see a fruit stand 4. Look towards the blue canvas tent just to the right of it 5. Do a strafe jump towards the corner of that...
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    Working  Shadows of Evil PILE-UP GLITCH (SOE Black Ops 3)

    1. Run and slide 2. Jump, crouch then move to your left
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    Working  FLOAT ANYWHERE Glitch on Zombies (Shadows of Evil)

    Tutorial: 1. Make the zombie shield 2. Optional: Get Juggernog 3. Stand on top of any staircase, the best ones are the stairs that lead up to the different High sections of the map 4. Crouch on the top of the staircase looking down 5. Have a zombie start to hit you in the back (It should be...
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