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    Show Off  COVID-21

    I also have red more horror variant on ArtStation -
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    Show Off  USA Gay Bomb PSA

    The United States has spent the past 6 decades hiding its secret that it dropped a gay bomb onto North Korea in 1950, but no longer will that secret stand!
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    ᵇ ᵘ ᵍ

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    Show Off  Re-Created a bad poster design...

    So the original design was horrendous, so I took the information on the poster and re-created it into this.
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    Show Off  Juicy Burger Poster

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    Discussion  Anyone good with Photoshop and video editing?

    I took courses back in middle and high school but I never worked to keep up with them because my computer can't handle video editing and I only use photoshop to create a banner here and there. I am looking to get a new logo and short video/intro using the logo. I can do my best to compensate...
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    Discussion  Photoshop Layer Styles

    Trying to find some decent layer style packs for photoshop.
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    Discussion  Color Changing Gif In Photoshop?

    I'm making an overlay for twitch, and I want it to be a gif that like fades from one color to another smoothly. The way I'm planning on doing this is with hue/saturation. I know how to use the timeline and stuff but I want it to smoothly changing. It has to be possible but maybe not through...
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    Discussion  Making a rainbow effect .GIF? [Photoshop]

    EDIT: So I was bored and decided it to do the manual way. Then I realised I needed to do some editing with it and now my question as completely changed. How can I change an AVI into the smoothest and highest quality GIF possible? I have After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop CS6 at my disposal
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    Discussion  How do you save all your designs on photoshop?

    Many people save their designs in many different ways, just out of curiosity how do you save your designs on photoshop? I usually save it as PNG24. I'll like to also know whats the settings to save any designs.
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    Support  Photoshop beginner ideas [Help]

    Hey, i recently just download photoshop and am still wondering what i should make, im looking for any cool thins to make, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave links to a tutorial, and any renders needed, thanks
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    Discussion  Gimp Vs Photoshop?

    Hey peeps, my computer is overly rubbish (dell optilex 455 downgraded or something like that) so I cant run photoshop so what i have done is uninstalled windows and now im using ubuntu on linux on it, my computer now allows me to run gimp, som my question today is will it restrict my from...
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    Discussion  Photoshop Change Color Layer??

    So i opened a psd that i downloaded and this was really cool... it had a layer called change color with a hue/saturation adjustment and when you change the hue and saturation it changed the colors of the objects, The text and something else... But both those objects are on different layers, how...
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    Support  Just got photoshop and i need some help

    So i just got photoshopand i was following a tutorial for cinema 4d and this guy takes a path of his logo and then exports it to put it in cinema 4d so is there a way to make it so it makes a path tool around my logo, ALSO is there a tool that can select something like the magic wand tool in...
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    Discussion  Photoshop and C4D tutorials?

    I really want to get better and learn how to maximize my potential for using this software, but I do not know what a good tutorial is? Photoshop I know how to blend pictures, make text warp, and bend photos by pressing control. Cinema 4D I know how to make the text. A couple of things I really...
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    Support  Help with photoshop

    Hi guys Could anyone help me on photoshop need something doing to a picture for my friends birthday If you could help please comment or pm Can donate to paypal of you wish :)
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    Discussion  [Cinema 4D] How do I import logos from Photoshop with original colors??

    [Cinema 4D] How do I import logos from Photoshop with original colors??
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    Discussion  PhotoShop Won't Open?

    When I try to open Photoshop I get the following error, [The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) Click OK to close application] That's all it says, and it doesn't have any other button than OK. Does anyone know why or how this is happening? Knowledge
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    Discussion  Photoshop black screen issue

    okay so every time I open something in PS the picture/template comes up.... I can do anything else but when I want to add text the screen goes black. It does not go completely black sometimes it will show the picture for half a second But once I leave the text option the picture comes right...
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    Discussion  Im having problems with photoshop..

    Its not Photoshop itself, its involving how one of the items are not working. Filter > Render > Lighting Effects. Every time I do this to make myself some pictures I need to make, its crashes my Photoshop, or at least doesn't load. help???
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