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  1. shiftteam


    I believe this method should be free knowledge. I've shared this with people indiscriminately and 80% of them succeeded and got their account/s back. I CLAIM NO CREDIT TO THIS. I am sure many have done this in the past or came up with the idea to exploit this. I got this link by submitting a...
  2. J

    Xbox One X 12v power points (console on and perminant)

    Find attached confimed working 12v rails for the xbox one. The one coming off the PSU (power supply unit) (See red) is a permanent live and will be on as long as the console is plugged into the wall (See red led photo) The one coming from the disk drive is only active while the console is...
  3. D

    Solved  GTA PC Perma ban

    hey guys just a quick one. i was banned in december of last year for one month for modding, and since i did mod and got caught i thought ok ill take my ban and when im back i wont do it .... well me being the idiot i am i forgot to reinstall the game! so when i eventually got back on gta with...
  4. A

    Solved  Just a quick question...

    So I've already been tempo-banned twice on Online for Mods, and I ain't denying that. The trend that I have seen is that the third ban is a perma-ban to Online, while others seem to get consecutive 2-month Bans after their 2nd ban. So I just want to clear this up. Are the 3rd-and-after bans a...
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