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pc gaming

  1. Splitgate 2021 | TRIPLE Kill NO SCOPE w/Rail Gun | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Splitgate 2021 | TRIPLE Kill NO SCOPE w/Rail Gun | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Did someone order a railgun no scope with extra sauce?
  2. (Cloud Gaming Beta) Control Gameplay X DRIP STAR LIVE

    (Cloud Gaming Beta) Control Gameplay X DRIP STAR LIVE

    I noticed this game got a lot of negative criticism, so I made this video primarily for those who are wondering if its worth downloading and playing through at least once. this game is available for free download to those who hold the Xbox Game Pass subscription. I enjoyed playing it!
  3. adoro

    Discussion  Best Simulation games on PC

    My favorite genre is Simulation. These games can make time disappear from the universe if you are not careful. There is a lot of awesome games on this list, including my all-time favorite Cities Skylines. Golftopia, released this year, has gotten into my heart as one of the best simulation indie...
  4. YAbo1

    Solved  How do I get a controller disconnected Alert on pc?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but how would I be able to get the "controller disconnected" alert on pc. I need it for a parademic outfit but i can't seem to figure it out.
  5. minecraftbro

    Discussion  minecraft sever

    enter my ip in add server cowduck1_o.aternos.me
  6. C

    Solved  Halo 2 Modding

    I want to change the weapon damage, add recoil - similar to Half Life 2's pistol, and control the rate of fire for the covenant and allies? What applications do I need to use to enable modding? How do I install them? How do I change the default properties? If you are going to point me towards...
  7. Winry

    Solved  [Fix] Stop stutter due to 100% CPU Usage

    The fix is as follow: First you need to edit the config file within the game files. My directory is "F:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Black Ops 4\players"; head into the “players” folder and open up the config file. Look for this - //Thread count for handling the job queue worker_threads...
  8. SlimShaddy

    Question  Help With $1000 PC Build Gaming/Streaming/Rendering (YouTube)

    I need help with building my first PC Build I want to be able to render fast, play Battlegrounds and maybe the occasional Triple A Game, for sure be able to stream I'm running adobe photoshop, illustrator, premiere, sony vegas (looking for Good Render speed) For the case something with a...
  9. New Total War Spinoff Series Announced.

    New Total War Spinoff Series Announced.

    Sega has announced a new line of spinoffs in the Total War series. The games will all be labeled under a new brand titled "A Total War Saga." Rather than focusing on wider eras, these smaller-scale games will build on previous titles in the main series, and "center on pivotal flashpoints" within...
  10. Honorary

    Novalogic Thread.

    This is a Novalogic thread! Old PC game company who made Delta Force, Commanche, Armored Fist, Joint Operations, F-16, F-22, Tachyon, ETC. They are very much nostalgic for me. I used to play Delta Force 1 and Delta Force Black Hawk Down when I was little. Sadly they sold the rights of their...
  11. Sync

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Post what games you are currently into. I'm currently playing: Overwatch Battlegrounds Arma 3 Battlefield 1 GTA V
  12. therealki11

    Solved  A question

    Hi So i was about doing something but not sure if it would work In xbox 360 i can get as many moneydrops as i want without getting banned by rockstar I will buy a gaming pc in 4 mounths Doing money drops on pc is a risky process that can lead to permaban=done So i was wondering Will it work...
  13. SledLob

    Discussion  Help Choosing Monitor

    Okay so, I've been looking for a new monitor and I've decided I want an ultrawide which isn't hard to find, but the specifications I'd like are. I want an ultrawide monitor that has at least a 120Hz refresh rate and at most 2ms response time. I don't care about the price, I'll just save up for...
  14. TheWizard421

    Waw Mods PC!!!

    You must have steam Gt: Name Goes Here Steps: Join Game, Respect Rules above, Injoy ur Mods! Status: CLOSED!
  15. Vino

    Discussion  Titanfall 2 7s PC Network

    If anyone wants to join, feel free to let me know (or search for it in game)! For more info on networks, see Spooze's thread here: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/titanfall-2-official-se7ensins-xbox-one-network-clan-join-now.1555505/
  16. YaBoiSmiles

    Cod 4 PC Aimbot?

    Looking for an Aimbot for call of duty 4 pc. This is not from steam.
  17. RishuP

    Solved  CPU cooler suggestion !

    Hey guys , I want some suggestion on CUP cooler, thinking of buying single radiator Liquid AIO but if you have other option that also fit in budget will be appreciated ! Mine Current Build Contains : NZXT S340 white with custom graphics/Design Corsair RM 650 Gigabyte Z97X UD3H BK Intel i5...
  18. EA Access May Be Coming to PC

    EA Access May Be Coming to PC

    EA Access is a very popular subscription service that is available on the Xbox One. Subscribers get multiple benefits such as exclusive deals, early trials, and free games. Based on the questions of a recent survey, it looks like EA is wanting to bring a similar service to the PC. Last night...
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