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  1. Paladins is getting a battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

    Paladins is getting a battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

    Hi-Rez Studios announced Paladins: Battlegrounds today, a new battle royale-style game mode for its free-to-play, fantasy hero-based shooter. Just like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, 100 players will drop onto a “massive map” to “explore, loot, and survive” in a fight to be the last Champion —...
  2. LAGGxFitzy

    PC  Anyone down to play some Paladins?

    just looking for a few people to play some Paladins. Must have a mic, I am newb friendly, mostly play siege but i can also play payload, i main Pip, also would like people over the age of 16. I will give you my discord invite code through pm if you want to play.
  3. HcB_Modding

    PC  looking for new friends to play paladins

    my steam name is : OGForbiddenMage I'm in eastern standard time I can play just about anytime except when I work paladins I guess genre "Moba/shooter" more the merrier but no more than 4 at a time I hope to see yall soon and happy holidays please note also I am not a hardcore player so don't...
  4. SMITE Developer Announces New IP, Paladins

    SMITE Developer Announces New IP, Paladins

    The studio behind SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios, revealed a brand new IP today. Paladins is a free-to-play team-based shooter with strategy elements, currently under development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will have an alpha build available for the public to play at GamesCom this week, and a...
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