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  1. Lucky

    News  Blizzcon 2023 - Thoughts and Feelings

    (image of Darkmoon Fair on Day 2 from Google) Blizzcon 2023, the first in-person Blizzard convention since 2019. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to attend the convention, although I wasn't eligible for a media ticket. I'm alright with that though, I didn't get a chance to take too many...
  2. S

    Working  Overwatch 2 Sombra GODMODE Glitch!

  3. Goresh

    News  Overwatch 2 Officially Announced

    At this year's Blizzcon, the announcement was made for Overwatch 2, along with a new cinematic and gameplay trailer! sources: Youtube.com/Playoverwatch
  4. Protestors Are Trying To Get Overwatch Banned In China

    Protestors Are Trying To Get Overwatch Banned In China

    Overwatch hero Mei is being turned into a symbol of resistance People are furious after Blizzard Entertainment suspended Hearthstone player Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai for expressing support for Hong Kong during an official tournament broadcast. Gamers are calling for a boycott of Blizzard games...
  5. Overwatch On Switch Is The Best Time To Jump In

    Overwatch On Switch Is The Best Time To Jump In

    Following its debut, Overwatch quickly became one of Blizzard Entertainment's most recognizable brands, fueling the current obsession with multiplayer games known as hero-shooters. It's unsurprising then that, following the success of the fantastic Switch release of Diablo 3: Eternal Collection...
  6. Overwatch’s New Hero, Baptiste, Is Now Playable

    Overwatch’s New Hero, Baptiste, Is Now Playable

    Baptiste is Overwatch’s new hero, and he’s a support character capable of dishing out a decent amount of damage himself. Not only does he help his allies stay alive, but his ultimate amplifies their damage, and one of his gadgets can keep them alive through enemy damage. His kit is one of the...
  7. New Paris Overwatch Map Revealed; Live Right Now

    New Paris Overwatch Map Revealed; Live Right Now

    Blizzard has announced a new map for Overwatch is now live on the PC test servers. Called Paris, the new map takes place in the French city. Paris is a new Assault map and it contains many narrow streets and corridors. Despite taking place in the city of love, the new map looks as if it's...
  8. Overwatch's Winter Wonderland 2018 Skins Revealed

    Overwatch's Winter Wonderland 2018 Skins Revealed

    The Overwatch Winter Wonderland update is now live, bringing with it some festive decorations and the return of a pair of special wintery Brawls. The showpiece of any Overwatch event is always the new skins, though, and this year Blizzard has packed some especially creative and clever looks for...
  9. New Overwatch Update Adds Ashe And Changes Other Heroes

    New Overwatch Update Adds Ashe And Changes Other Heroes

    A new update for Overwatch officially adds Ashe to the game. This new Hero's addition is accompanied by a general update for all other Heroes, tweaks for four specific characters, map changes, and bug fixes. Although this new update adds Ashe to Overwatch, she won't be added to Competitive Play...
  10. GrayRat

    News  Overwatch’s New Hero Ashe Now Available On PTR: New Skins, Emotes & More

    During BlizzCon 2017, the developers came out with an announcement regarding the future of Overwatch. This announcement not only included a new animated short featuring McCree but also included the introduction of Overwatch’s newest playable character – Ashe. And well, Blizzard has wasted no...
  11. New Overwatch Hero Ashe's Abilities And Play Style Detailed

    New Overwatch Hero Ashe's Abilities And Play Style Detailed

    As revealed during the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony, Overwatch is getting a new character: Ashe. Based on what we've seen so far, the leader of the Deadlock gang will mix up the existing rhythms of gameplay in a major way. Following her announcement, Blizzard held the Overwatch: What's Next...
  12. KnightWill2

    News  First New Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Skin Revealed!

    Blizzard has announced the first new Overwatch Legendary skin that players will be able to earn in 2018's Halloween Terror event. This year, Doomfist is getting a new holiday-themed skin that transforms him into a Swamp Monster. The new Legendary skin gives Doomfist a scaly blue complexion, as...
  13. GrayRat

    Discussion  Lag and High Ping in Overwatch

    Like most FPS games, the issues that are there in all online multiplayer games are also plaguing Overwatch lag and high ping being the worst. As the game rose in popularity, the lag issues got worse and worse. The actual experience is a mixed bag and not all player face the same problems. Some...
  14. KnightWill2

    News  Torbjörn rework is live on the PTR !

    Blizzard revealed Torbjorn’s new ultimate recently, an ability that keeps the Molten Core name but has an entirely new effect. When activated, Torbjorn can launch projectiles that create damaging pools of molten metal wherever they land so long as they end up on the floor. They bounce off walls...
  15. KnightWill2

    Discussion  Delightful Wrecking Ball Easter Egg in Overwatch

    Overwatch is full of Easter Eggs and its newest hero, Wrecking Ball AKA Hammond has gotten an adorable one of his own where he sings along to the game's theme song. On Sunday, Reddit user Owlero posted this clip of him playing the Overwatch theme on the bells in the first attacking spawn of...
  16. KnightWill2

    Discussion  Playing 'Overwatch' On Linux May Get You Banned!

    Some Linux gamers playing Blizzard's Overwatch are on the receiving end of the ban hammer today, and it's suspected that DXVK -- a compatibility tool that hooks into WINE to translate DirectX 11 to Linux-compatible graphics API Vulkan -- may be the the source of the problem, albeit not...
  17. GrayRat

    Discussion  Is Blizzard Teasing Fans With The New Exclusive Demon Hunter Sombra Skin?

    Blizzard has just unveiled its all-new Legendary Overwatch skin called the “Demon Hunter Sombra” which will be available to BlizzCon attendees and players who purchase the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. This means anyone who has a virtual ticket to the upcoming Blizzard Conference, will be rewarded...
  18. KnightWill2


    BlizzCon 2018 is less than two months away—but the BlizzCon season begins todaywith the launch of the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket, available to order now! The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket provides comprehensive access to the show whether you’re joining the fun from home on BlizzCon.com or watching...
  19. GrayRat

    News  New Map Busan Is Now Live

    Overwatch has received new content update and that brings in the much awaited Busan map to the game. Players will be going to Bosan this time around, a place in South Korea and home to everyone’s favorite hero D.Va. This is the third map to have a link with an Overwatch hero. Previously, we had...
  20. KnightWill2

    News  Patch Notes

    PATCH HIGHLIGHTS NEW MAP – BUSAN Travel to Busan, South Korea and battle for control across three distinct locales within one map: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base. Explore the serene setting of the Sanctuary, surrounded by an ancient temple, beautiful gardens, and historic architecture...
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