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  1. I

    Discussion  Removed threat

    Removed content
  2. Party___

    Question  Can't equip an outfit

    Hey, so i was doing a glitch with like the merge outfits and that to get a trashman vest on a outfit and changed to another outfit and i just wont let me equip the original where i wanted to put the trashman vest, so pls help
  3. M

    Patched  Semi-Ped fits Online 1.54 (SaveWizard)

    Steps: Load modded save Options > online > crew > suggested crews > pick a crew > pick a player and join. If you get alert decline if you can or accept if needed. Dtm needs to be accepted. You will load into online session. Start a time trial Exit story mode from pause menu Will spawn then...
  4. D

    Solved  looking for gta 5 save wizard outfits

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you had any links to some PS4 save wizard outfits or knew a site I could grab some from? I have seen a lot on youtube but they all are the same outfits just looking for some thing new any help would be great .. thanks!
  5. skeeze415


    Hey!!! I made a video showing how to make Director Mode outfits using xb36Hazard's Save Editor and ps4 Max Save Wizard. The save editor is free but save wizard cost money for the license to activate the program. This is for PS4 only but I put PC in the prefix because you will need a pc to...
  6. X_ilchiu_X

    Question  Modded outifits savewizard

    I'm looking for someone to give me a tutorial on how to create modded outfits on savewizard for the DM shortlist list. I got the hex codes for everything. Help exchange
  7. G

    Patched  Mystery Solved 100% Working How To Merge The Strike Vest From Grey Joggers To Tan Joggers Any Jacket

    Hey guys this is an update to my post earlier this week. Many people were unable to get this to work for them but I figured out how to fix it! Founder of saving the Doomsday Heist outfits I believe is Game Time Live First you need to start the mission Rescue ULP it's the first set up for the...
  8. CBD420

    Patched  Outfit Transfers And you know the rest.

    This is prob the best it gets after the latest patch so here we go! THERE IS NO MONEY FREEZE OR SP to anything. you get kicked. this literaly will probably be the ONLY thing left of this glitch So Founders are BlackOpsII for the main glitch ITheBarcodeGamerI for bringing to light and making me...
  9. vaxiqxbox

    Patched  RIPPED SHOULDERS GLITCH 1.37 *Super Easy*

    So this glitch works on all next gen consoles, Xbox one PS4 and PC, not sure about old gen. This glitch is really easy and is solo. I am not sure if I am the founder for this as I haven't seen it personally anywhere or anything but I could be wrong Ok so here's the steps: • Go to any clothing...
  10. deadmau5

    deadmau5 Free GTAV Cash Drop Lobby

    Gamertag: Updated thread 9/15/19 Giving out: RP, Cash, Modded Outfits, Max Snacks/Armor/Rolls/Heist Unlocks Just make it clear to me what you want/need. Leave after you have gotten what you want. Don't have spare money to donate? A "thank you" on the thread is also appreciated. It helps...
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