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    Working Get casino heist finale duffel bags on PC (Or any heist finale outfit)

    What does this glitch do?: This glitch gets you any casino heist finale outfit with added sets by me to also save the duffel bag. The client order is determined by connection speed. -This means that if your connection to everyone else is faster you'll always end up as...
  2. C

    Discovery Night Stalker outfit glitch?! (Possible, once occurance)

    Alright this is just speculation and could've been the game's code just improperly functioning or failing to run once or twice but I feel it's worth mentioning; little focus on this area and maybe we can discover a way to exploit it to achieve above thread title. Anyways I was playing as a...
  3. H

    Solved GTA Online Job Outfit

    Hey guys, I have a question..Is there any way to glitch the slasher outfit from the job? For Xbox One? I try for days, despair soon. Will not wait until Halloween .. pls help
  4. L

    Solved Crew emblem on bareback Component?

    I know this used to be a glitch on 360, but is there a new way to get a big crew logo on your character's bareback or on the suit vest? I've seen a few people have it recently, not sure if they're modded accounts or if they're components that are related to xtiffi's list or not. Any info would...
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    Video GTA 5 Online Red Joggers TryHard Modded Outfit 1.46! (Using Gta 5 Clothing Glitches!)

    Hope you like it
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    Video GTA 5 Blue Joggers TryHard Modded Outfit Using Clothing Glitches 1.46!

    Hope you like it
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    Video GTA 5 Blue Joggers TryHard Modded Outfit

    Hope you like it
  8. K

    Solved Is there a way to still get the paramedic outfit

    Hey, I have been wondering if there still a way to get the parametric outfit still?
  9. V

    Video GTA 5 Online Modded TryHard Outfit Using Clothing Glitches 1.46

    Hope you like it
  10. Z

    Discovery Save the saddle bag to an outfit

    Disclaimer that I think this time around it will be impossible (at least for now) for us to save the saddle bag to an outfit, but here's hoping that someone finds a way. So at some free roam stranger missions (mail delivery for example) you get a saddle bag ("bag" as the game calls them) on...
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    Patched Save Posse Outfits - Solo & 2 person methods

    With these 2 methods, you can save the posse outfits for yourself. Both of these methods require a persistent posse purchased. With the solo method, you need to have the persistent posse purchased for yourself. With the 2 person method your friend needs to have the persistent posse purchased...
  12. S

    Video Checkerboard Outfit With Tron Pants and Trashman Vest!!

    Hey Whats Up Guys MSR Here and i wanna share a glitch!!! This Glitch Will Cause You to lose all your saved outfits BUT you will earn a checkerboard outfit with Trashman vest and Tron Pants! This outfit is soo sick! OK I Have a Video in how to get it. It can ONLY be done with a male character...
  13. W

    Discovery ISO Clothing Merge

    A few of my friends were able to get t-shirts designs to bleed through to the front of the Deadline outfit. But we can't get it to work again. they used the telescope in office. Anyone know other ways? If wrong place to post, my apologies
  14. P

    Unsolved [PC Only] Outfit Editor

    Hey Guys, I currently working on an Outift Editor for PC. Do you want me to release the Tool if its done, or is there no interest? RSG
  15. R

    Solved Transferring handcuffs to other outfits????? and fully invisible body???

    So I have handcuffs on one of my outfit but I would like to transfer them on to my white jogger outfit is there a way to do it and other thing I want to ask is this that I have a fully Invisible body outfit which Is blacklisted so I use to put it on in crooked cops and then do the creator glitch...
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    Tutorial Outfit Sharing/Discussion/Tutorials from the SP-MP or DM Outfit Glitches

    This thread is for the outfits you have created using the SP-MP or DM outfit glitches. When you make a post in here, make sure to show a picture of the end result of the outfit, how you created the outfit and the components used. I created this thread because in the SP-MP outfit glitch thread...
  17. E


    I like the new body suits for the Festive Surprise. I had a play about trying to glitch a mask and hat on to them. I used the vending machine glitch in the bunker to apply the mask and then the parachute glitch in the garage to apply the hat. Anyone else had fun with these? I'd love to...
  18. J

    Solved Any dm glitches to make an outfit??

    I need some outfit goitches
  19. C

    Patched Outfit Transfers And you know the rest.

    This is prob the best it gets after the latest patch so here we go! THERE IS NO MONEY FREEZE OR SP to anything. you get kicked. this literaly will probably be the ONLY thing left of this glitch So Founders are BlackOpsII for the main glitch ITheBarcodeGamerI for bringing to light and making me...
  20. A

    Solved Help with outfit

    Not sure if right place to post. But the thing is. I play on PS3. Some unknown modder screwed up my character. I now walk around in game with a giant lamp instead of a head. A children float around the waist A fishing rod in the hand and an ace attached to my back. I did not do anything to...
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