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    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forums so if I am doing something wrong or anything like that please do let me know and I apologize in advance. This is my first time posting on any forum. But anyway! Onto the glitch. As mentioned in the title, this is a glitch you can use to...
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    Working Get casino heist finale duffel bags on PC (Or any heist finale outfit)

    What does this glitch do?: This glitch gets you any casino heist finale outfit with added sets by me to also save the duffel bag. The client order is determined by connection speed. -This means that if your connection to everyone else is faster you'll always end up as...
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    Discovery DM outfit glitch blacklisted items in 1.50?

    So, I've tried this 3 times so far spending a long time to do the mask freeze to build an outfit. 1st: Invisible arms, is the reason I wasn't able to transfer it online, 2nd: Tried again with a scuba tank no invisible limbs and no logos didn't transfer online. 3rd: just an FIB badge long sleeve...
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    Solved Topless female character?

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to ask this. Hi all, started playing GTA Online recently and noticed that some people have topless female characters again, not the typical no bra under a jacket glitch, instead they have blue nipples. It was to my understanding that R* blacklisted this...
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    Discovery Glitched armor outfit .............“On Fire” and more!

    Since I was able to obtain the Armored vest and outfit I have run into some strange stuff. In particular through a glitchy job load I was able to make the outfit “smoke” Here’s what I did to accomplish this: Have glitched outfit equipped Start an online story mission Finish mission As soon as...
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    Step 1 - Form a Persistent Posse Step 2 - Use Left on the D-Pad to open the Free Roam Options Tab and scroll down to Quick Join and Enter that tab Step 3 - Scroll to Gun Rush (Solo) and Start a Game of Gun Rush Step 4 - Once in game Acquire the Armored Outfit from the chest (typically near the...
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    Working Transfer and save logo's and add a second one on the Deadline Outfit.

    Requirement: Deadline outfit, clothing with logos, same spawn location (I used my hangar) and spotify. Save a logo on the Deadline outfit Step 1.Go to invite only. Step 2. Put on a Special top, Designer T-shirt, Independence, Securcoserv, T-shirts, or Biker shirt with a logo. Step 3. Back out...
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    Discovery Gta 5 Outfit Glitch (Transfer Helmets and Masks to Any Outfit)

    Save Wizard not required. This is an Old Glitch with New Life. I am not the Founder of the Transfer Helmet. Not Required but HIGHLY recommended: Special Helmet and Special Mask Suits: Deadline Suit, Bodysuit, Flight Suit, Coverall with Gas Mask Suit, Biker Suit, Air Racing Suit. Step 1. Apply...
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    Patched [Solo] Fun & Easy Outfit Exploits - "Holographic" Crew Emblem, Half T-Shirt, Etc. (No DM or SP2MP)

    Hey all, I've ran into some easy new outfit glitches that (excluding the 1st one) I haven't seen here on 7Sins yet. See the screenshots below for an example of the first three combined into a single outfit: To make the outfit in the screenshot, do these three glitches in order. Enjoy...
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    Patched Get scuba mask on any outfit free

    Step 1. Call a dingy Step 2. Drive into the water Step 3. Jump off the boat You now have the Scuba mask!
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    Tools [RELEASE] GTA 5 Online Outfit Editor

    Hello, created a little Outfit Editor so you can get the Outfits you always wanted. It also has a Name Spoofer. (Only visible for other Players) This is how it looks. Press on the Dropdown menu to load the Outfits in. Any feedback in appreciated. Thank You Tutorial: 16.04.2019: -...
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    I found another method, how to Save the green Duffelbag and all other Duffelbags COMPLETLY SOLO!! (29/05/2018) Shoutout to Rhino Modz who found the actual method! My YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrVpGNUFty1qUunaxusdfXw 1. Create a playlist with some jobs(any Jobs you want) and...
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    Unsolved [PC Only] Outfit Editor

    Hey Guys, I currently working on an Outift Editor for PC. Do you want me to release the Tool if its done, or is there no interest? RSG
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    Patched Director Mode Outfit Glitch (PS4/XB1)

    Note: It takes approx. 25 minutes or more to duplicate birds :frown: This is a solo glitch. Shortlisted masks that turn into Christmas masks after returning from online or story mode Black Gorilla Mask White Unicorn Mask Light brown horse with white strip running down middle of face...
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    Patched Get mission outfits using social club no 3 min wait

    How to get mission outfits solo without waiting 3 min Founder: Make sure to credit: FreightTrainWTF https://www.youtube.com/user/FreightTrainWTF Method: 1:Start a job up and choose a job to get outfit from! 2: start job and once loaded bring up interaction menu and spam illuminated clothing...
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    Patched Bodysuit Glitches: Different Pants With Top and Different Top With Pants From Bodysuits

    This has been out for a little while, but haven't seen a thread on it. Only works for male character. Different Pants w/Bodysuit Top: 1. Wear any bodysuit. (Pants and shoes will be different for each bodysuit) 2. Go to Barbershop. 3. Change chest hair. (Any style) 4...
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    Patched How to save versus mode outfits! Patch1.43

    Update: Work 100% for XBOX ONE and PS4!!!!! Step 1 Start anyversusmode that has the outfit of choice Step 2 Invite a friend('s) Step 3 - versus: select theme to get outfit of choice Step 4 once mission started, open interaction menu, Spam anything in the interaction menu that you can toggle...
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    Patched Single Player Megathread - Rare Vehicles, Outfits & Other Glitches

    This is a single player guide and appreciation thread. This will mainly benefit those who enjoy car collecting and getting more out of their game. The guide will especially help those starting a fresh game. Save Kifflom Vehicles...
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    Video DOUBLE Headphones Glitch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Patched Tron Helmets With Hood Up (EASY)

    Tron Helmets With Hood Up (EASY) Go to apartment closet Wear a hoodie (The ones that the hoods go up on) Go to mask and put on any balaclava and save outfit Now select a tron outfit color of your choice go outside and find a car open you ineration menu hover over the outfit with the hood you...
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