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    Solved  Is there any glitch or way to get out of badpsort sooner ?

    Thank you
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    Working  Red Dead Online New Easy out of map glitch

    This is the easiest way me and my friends could find to get out of the map in update version 1.06 Requires 2 players, one has to stay behind. (At the moment, still working on a way to get the second player out) Step 1: Cross the Sea of Coronado. Step 2: Walk left around Mexico. Step 3: Have your...
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    Solved  Audio Cuts Out Every Few Seconds

    Hi. I just got a modded original Xbox. I'm a PC guy and I'm new to Xbox, so I don't know all the correct terms... Basically, the sound cuts out every few seconds when playing any game. The game does not stutter when this happens. What is causing this and how do I fix it? My Xbox has the TSOP...
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    Unsolved  Outfit Mod Menu [1.44 / PC]

    Hello I'm looking for a Mod Menu that can create and edit outfits. I've seen this one but the creator says that it doesn't work in online mode, only with the director mode glitch (which doesnt work for me). Does anyone have a good outfit Mod Menu?
  6. Fortnite 1.6.3 Update Out Tomorrow

    Fortnite 1.6.3 Update Out Tomorrow

    The next patch for Fortnite arrives soon. Update 1.6.3 rolls out tomorrow, September 26, and introduces new weapons, squads, and more to the multiplayer survival game. Perhaps the most notable additions in tomorrow's update are its new Duos and Squad matches for Battle Royale. Following the...
  7. Ark: Survival Evolved Is Finally Out After Two Years In Early Access

    Ark: Survival Evolved Is Finally Out After Two Years In Early Access

    Ark: Survival Evolved has been playable since 2015, but it's been in Early Access for that entire time. Today, it finally launches in full on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and Studio Wildcard is throwing in some new content to mark the occasion. Alongside its release, Ark is getting a substantial...
  8. New Pokemon Go Update Out Now

    New Pokemon Go Update Out Now

    A new update for Niantic's popular mobile game Pokemon Go has arrived. The newest update fixes a number of bugs, including those related to freezing and crash scenarios. This update also fixes a "motivation decay bug" for Pokemon who have less than 3000 CP. Additionally, the new Pokemon Go...
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    Working  How to max out everything (AFK) - Get all your stats to 100%

    Want to max out your character without spending too much time? Here you can find methods to max out everything. Most can be done solo and AFK. Just click on the spoiler for the stat you want to max out. :thumbsup: German Video by Glitchsquad showing most methods:
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