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out of map

  1. H

    Video  Gustav cannon out of map

    I’m not the founder just thought I’d share it
  2. Cod_king757

    Working  Gustav Cannon - Solo Out Of Map without using care package

    Multiple areas to explore using a simple strafe jump 1. Make your way up to the cannon and hop on the rails located up the stairs opposite side of the bomb location 2. Jump towards the back side of the stairwell area and from here there are multiple locations to jump to !!!
  3. Cod_king757

    Working  Operation Neptune - SOLO FULLY OUT OF MAP

    1. Make your way to the location shown by the bomb area 2. Back up and jump forward to the corner then slowly move right and jump up and a little left then follow it up onto the roof Enjoy everyone!!
  4. Cod_king757

    Working  WWII ZOMBIES - New Solo Wallbreach method for secret room

    Make your way to the room with the hole in the floor after getting armor and great weapons... if solo make sure to have quick revive!! Go against the bar and move right until you get stuck then turn towards the van and down yourself .... as you begin to revive make sure you are pulling back on...
  5. Cod_king757

    Working  WWII Multiplayer Out Of Map (Gustav Cannon)

    Make your way to the cannon and drop a care package at the edge of it.. Then simply jump straight forward onto invisible barriers until you breach the hills !! Enjoy
  6. kuch098

    Working  Out of Map on Nessus

    Testing the boundries of destiny. nothing too special but for those who enjoy this kind of thing here you go!
  7. EngageTutorials

    Working  Out of Map Nessus! (Inverted Spire Strike)

  8. Cod_king757

    Working  Giant - New Spawn pileup!!

    Requires ray gun 1. Acquire ray gun 2. The zombie spawn in front of pap that goes down stairs is where you want to jump and slide backwards and while sliding halfway down stairs simply shoot ray gun towards pap to boost you above zombie spawn!!
  9. Skudge

    Patched  Out of map on Heat campaign

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share this with you. How to get out of the map on the campaign mission Heat. As far as I know this is the only way out of the map: Text Tut 1) Pick up an RPG from the place where I do in the video 2) Do an RPG jump from the fence to the door 3) Do a crouch jump...
  10. SFTCRD


    1 : complete Transponder challenge and get it 2 : go on turtle island 3 : launched the transponder where you see in the video, near the wood piles next to the entrance 4 : go under the zipline , all zombies will go towards the cable and you can kill them and if you want to go out of the island...
  11. OCG_7SINS

    Tutorial  Updated Overwatch Glitches Thread

    Hey just wanted to share with you new glitches that are working after the 24-01-17 patch. Most of em are easy ways to get outside of the spawn with 2 players. Hope you enjoy! .:: Antarctica ::. .:: King's Row ::. .:: Anubis Temple ::. .:: Oasis ::. .:: Hanamura ::. .:: Gibraltar...
  12. NuXus

    Patched  Outside of Wet Work (Without falling under the map)

    Hey Everyone! In this quick tutorial I'm going to show you how I was able to get outside of Wet Work and not fall into the void. For these instructions, I am going to assume you have seen Oophilly215oO's video on how to actually get out of the map. He gets all the credit for that glitch. I...
  13. Oophilly215oO


    Requirements: Game mode - Defender / Map - Genesis Set your game settings exactly how i have mine *i show pictures in vid* Payload - FTL JUMP Go to the middle of genesis and grab the defender ball. Use ftl jump twice to get ontop of the building then use it over and over again up and forward...
  14. OxenGaming

    Working  *NEW*High Door Ledge on EVAC! - Easy to do Multiplayer Glitch on Evac! (Black ops 3)

    Step 1: Line up with the corner of the door. Step 2: Boost jump upwards. Step 3: Run forward while jumping. Step 4: It takes many attempts but you'll get it :)
  15. Wiggly


    Guide: 1. Get Overdrive 2. Run off the map 3. Jump 3 times, but space out your jumps 4. Aim for the back left engine on the flying transport vehicle *If you land on the front of it you will survive. Go too far and you will hit a death barrier.
  16. Wiggly

    Working  Out of Map NUKETOWN (Hidden Tree Barrier)

    Tutorial: 1. Go to the middle of the map 2. Look towards the pink tree 3. Triple thrust jump towards the corner of the building (part that is basically touching the pink tree) *You should land on a barrier which is on the corner of the building and be very well concealed behind the tree branches.
  17. Wiggly

    Working  Under the Map GLITCH (Redwood Out of Map)

    Tutorial: 1. Stand on the edge of the map 2. Wall run along the wall 3. Wall run and jump off the redwood tree 4. Land on the grassy rock/hill in front of the tree
  18. JammyHDz98

    Working  Black Ops 3 Glitch - On top and out of map Exodus (After Patch)

    How to get on top and out of Exodus Black ops 3 After Patch!!! If you found this helpful please help reach '100 likes?' Since as this is my tutorial please show your support! :) Tutorial: Steps: Step 1: Go to the very bottom of the map (on the rooftops) Step 2: Jump up onto the wall Step...
  19. Wiggly

    Patched  New Spot Outside the Map Terrace (Works in INFECTED)

    Tutorial: 1. Jump & hover next to the boulder 2. Line up with the crevice in the rock 3. Lower yourself by deactivating hover then hovering again 4. Double jump & dash forward 5. Keep holding forward for 10 seconds then you can let go
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