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    Game Mods A Night in the Creek - Xbox mod

    Halo - A Night in the Creek This is a firefight mod for Battlecreek, playing as a grunt, fighting marines. The level comes in 4 waves. The first two waves require you beat a boss. The third wave requires you to survive a timer. The last wave is unlimited. As the waves progress the map gets...
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    Unsolved Original xbox cpu mod

    Wanting to Mod an original xbox by swapping out the cpu for the Tualatin 1.4mhz PIII...or would this not work for some reason. I know they have a special version of the xbox that was made with this cpu. However, I couldn't find any posts about this.
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    Game Mods Halo Grunty Party Pack [Xbox Map Pack]

    Halo Grunty Party Pack - Play as grunts in multiplayer on Xbox Features: -colour enabled grunts -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -press white to say a taunt [note: does not work with vehicles] -new intro and ui -pack 2 includes the Halo PC maps and some new...
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    Solved Surreal xxx roms lagging

    I just recently bought a softmodded original xbox, put surrealxxx on it and got it to work perfect, tried to update to the newer surreal64 CE, anf everything started lagging, now even when i switch back my games are still laggy and slow, hitting only about 6fps, any suggestions? Could it just be...
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    Solved Xbox Original Red/Orange Lights

    So I retrieved my old xbox original (Not sure if modded, got it off a family friend years ago), it was working, I put a game in, it ran for about 10 minutes then the screen shut off and the xbox itself displayed an orange light flashing on and off, the disc tray wouldn't open and the fan was...
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    Solved Error Code 21 Messed Up Softmod

    So, I decided to softmod my Xbox about a few months ago and I decided to install XBMC using the Auto Installer Deluxe USB version (and Splinter Cell) and got all the way through to have it successfully work. Later on, I decided I didn't want XBMC and wanted UnleashX. I decided to uninstall the...
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    Solved Compressing games

    Dear Users. I have alot of xbox original games that I want to put on my external hard drive to play them but my hard drive is just about below the size I need. Is there a way to compress the Xbox Original games to a GOD format or something to make them smaller and allow all of them to fit on my...
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    Solved og xbox not modded slow boot lags on home screen then click on music or anything and get error 21

    i have an og xbox that hasnt been modded i opened it up today for sh*ts and gigs because i had an extra hdd laying around and wanted to upgrade my hdd to a bigger size i unplugged my ide cable with the console powered off just to see if it would fit the new hdd and then plugged it back into the...
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    Solved need help getting iso's

    I got a few ISO's to work fusion frenzy, crash twin sanity i got Spyro to boot but once it drops me in the game i get disk unreadable. the other games i cant get to boot at all are AMPED, AMPED2, Tonyhawk underground 2, Slugfest 2006 & loaded, halo2, destroy all humans 1&2, Wakeboarding...
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    PC Is it to possible to port Battlefront 2 pc mods to rgh

    Just want to know if it's possible to port battlefront 2 pc mods to rgh and if so how I could or if someone would point me in the right direction? Thanks
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    Solved Can anyone help me with my TSOPP modded Xbox?

    I TSOPPED my 1.3 Softmodded, Seagate500GB Pal Crystal Xbox with an Alladin XT Plus 2 Chip and it boots up with Unleash X. I followed this tutorial doing a few things differently since it's not a 1.6: Aswell as the diagrams on the ISO ZONE and i successfully TSOPPED my Xbox but there is one...
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    Discussion When did you first get your Original Xbox

    When did you first get it, and what was it like for you
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    Discussion Xbox One backwards compatibility for the original Xbox

    What do you think about this? What games would you like to see? I definitely want to see Halo 2, but also kotor 1 and 2, fable 1, Jade Empire, Jedi Knight/out cast, Half Life 1 and 2. What about you
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    Solved Is it possible to un-install evolutionx?

    Im new to this kind of thing, and i was wondering if its possible to uninstall evolution x, as i want to try out UnleashX. I recently decided to get an xbox original, and turns out it already had evolution x. When i power it on, it goes from red, orange and then green to show its booted up...
  15. Original Xbox backward compatibility announced for Xbox One

    Original Xbox backward compatibility announced for Xbox One

    Original Xbox games are coming to the latest console. Microsoft announced backward compatibility for games from its first console coming sometime later this year. “Our team of engineers are working hard to bring some of your original favorite Xbox games to Xbox One today,” Phil Spencer, the head...
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    Discussion I Think I Found a Way Softmod an Xbox 360

    So I was fooling around with my xbox 360 slim and removed my hard drive from it and hook it up via connection to my desktop. I unscrewed my desktop and connected it like a normal hard drive. So I explored the files using Xplorer360 and found out that the 360 emulates the original xbox to play...
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    Solved Need help with My modded Original Xbox

    Hey guys, I'm new to the Original Xbox modding thing and I recently softmodded my Xbox. I upgraded the HDD to a 250gb hard drive. I've been having problems after problems with modding on the original Xbox to the point where it doesn't even feel worth doing anymore. 1) My first problem is the...
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    Unsolved Anyon have the original Quakes installed on their original Xbox?

    Hi all, I'm looking to install the original Quakes (namely 1 & 2) on my original Xbox console and I'm just wondering-how do they hold up? What are the controls like (namely the thumbsticks, do they work well)? Also, I would like to install the expansions as well as the base games. Can this be...
  19. Will Backwards Compatibility Expand to the Original Xbox?

    Will Backwards Compatibility Expand to the Original Xbox?

    Phil Spencer, Microsoft's head of Xbox, revealed on Twitter that he and the team are very interested in making games from Microsoft's original Xbox console compatible on the Xbox One. Spencer responded to a fan asking about porting Xbox original games to the Xbox One, in which Spencer replied...
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    Solved DVD/CD-R brands compatible with the Xbox

    Original List Courtesy of XBOX-scene XBOX SAMSUNG DVD DRIVE COMPATIBILITY DVD-R AN32 4x(e3Works) ---------YES=1 NO=0 Bulkpaq (Orange) -----------YES=2 NO=0 Discrete White Top 4x ------YES=1 NO=0 Fujifilm(g03/04) -------------YES=1 NO=0 H20-----------------------------YES=1 NO=0 HQ media...
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