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  1. ElHaveCito

    Tutorial  [Black ops 3] How to set up zm/mp camos, gubblegums, reticles and more Xbox 360 (NO JTAG/RGH)

    No need jtag or rgh, this are usb mods can be used offline or in lan with xkai for example, since we dont know how to mod online without rgh or jtag. First of all, this is discovered thanks to this guide, for those just dont want to modify files and investigate more around what we can change...
  2. L

    Code  RELEASE - Black Ops 1 GSC Zombies Menu Base

    Hi All, I've not seen much released for black ops 1 and I'm not so sure why because the game itself is much more fun than most call of dutys these days I'm guessing it's because there isnt much out there to help out so I've decided to throw together a menu base in the hopes it gets more people...
  3. E

    Black ops 4 boosting

    Message- strappedd upp We will be hosting all day join up 50 kill rotation know what your doing
  4. Sxntino

    Solved  Black Ops II DLC Camos Mod/Hack?

    Guys, would there be any way to get the BO2 dlc camo packs for free on Xbox One? I suck at hacking/modding xbox things lol I can literally jailbreak/homebrew/hack anything else:tongue:
  5. pablo67340

    Discussion  [Release] Call of Duty Black Ops 1 TU 11.5 (Not re

    Introduction Many of you who still enjoy playing Black Ops 1 knows it comes with its glitches, regardless of being on TU11. My friends and I still avidly play Der Riese using splitscreen while we hangout so I have spent the last while figuring out the cause of these issues, and have fixed most...
  6. B


    boosting for camos and xp. need to have a mic, and be able to cooperate. 50 kills per game. reply with gamertag and we will inv you to a party.
  7. C

    BO4 Boosting Lobby - long session only

    Looking for another 7 players for a boosting session Please don’t add me if you just want one or 2 games want a party of us that can grind for a few hours at least I have 2 controllers so can host and I’m based in the U.K. PSN- cheesetoasty1996
  8. jamesgarretttt

    Solved  Black Ops 2 DLC Incorrect Region

    I am getting the error "The content you are trying to load is from an incorrect region. Please check that you have the correct downloadable content." Only one issue, ive had my console for over a year and have used the DLC numerous times. Havent changed anything. I have gone the route of using...
  9. C

    Question  Black ops 1 unbanning?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a way to unban yourself or someone that can unban my profile from black ops 1 servers?
  10. S

    Boosting in Bo3

    NEED 2 CONTROLLER MIC (is optional just know what your doing) ON XBOX ONE GT: SpaceDounuts
  11. Cooldude

    ✔️Cool's FREE Remote Recoveries! *No Account Info Needed*

    Cool's Remote Recoveries :smile: +Whats a remote recovery? -Its a recovery but i don't need your account information:smile: What you need to do! +Post your gamer-tag below +Then sign out of your account +Wait for me to say i'm done:smile: What you will get! +Prestige Master +Modded Stats...
  12. I

    Der Eisendranche Easter Egg

    User Connecting Xbox One I have a mic and know everything
  13. R

    HC CTF inv RogueHero20

    Invite RogueHero20 to a HC CTF boosting lobby
  14. M

    Solved  Invincibility Insta-Death

    So every time i join any of my friends game or go into a solo game, if i get into any invincibility spot for more than 1 round i'll insta-die with no revive or anything. just instantly sends me to spectator. where as my friends have all gotten to wave 30+ sitting in one since round 3. anyone...
  15. JAK619

    Solved  Bo3 Xbox One constant disconnect when playing zombies

    Hey guys, Since Bo3 has been released, I have been disconnected from zombie games, even if it's solo. I am on the Xbox One. I have waited for the version number in the top right of the main menu to change, so that's fine. I have tried on an Open NAT Type and a Moderate, both disconnect me from...
  16. M

    Working  Campaign Difficulty Glitch

    Hey guys. Me and some friends found anew glitch that allows you to finish campaign on realistic difficulty but you are actually playing on recruit. This makes getting trophies really easy. Requirements: A Friend Steps: 1: Load up YOUR campaign and set it to realistic. 2: Join your friends...
  17. C


    Boosting: Message "Crippsy x" for invite.
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