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    Unsolved  Is it possible to use openiv online?

    title says it all... want to use a few custom textures and such but cant find a way to use openiv online without the use of other mods (which kick me from online when trying to connect), any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. C

    Unsolved  JTAG openIV rpf edit - How to remove the blue flashing screen kill effect ?

    Hi, I want to remove the blue flashing screen kill effect but I can't remember what file I need to edit, I remember having found a list of edited files on a forum a few years back with this blue effect removed, I know there was also a realistic handling.dat, the red X marker removed and some...
  3. OhStopItYouhh

    Solved  OPENIV .xtd problem

    Hello everyone! SO im only 12 days into modding anything, and ive run into some trouble. Ive figured out how to change headlght colors and tailights, but ive now moved to headlight texture. I pretty much only want to see if i can get it to work by drawing over the texture itself. To make more...
  4. Token

    How to install OpenIV [After Closure]

    Hi Se7ensinners! I know some of you would still like to use OpenIV but the normall installers no longer work. I decided to make a tutorial on how to manually install OpenIV with the files I will provide below. Extract "New Technology Studio" folder into *C:\*your user*\AppData\Local\*here*...
  5. Token

    [NEWS] Our beloved OpenIV is no longer in development.

    Yesterday afternoon, GooD-NTS posted a thread on GTAForums regarding the 'curtain call' of OpenIV. You can still use the current version of OpenIV but there will be no further development on the tool. I would personally like to thank the developers for their time taken working on the tool, we...
  6. shaunr

    Super Snowballs and Force proximities for online!

    I've had these mods for about a year now and I figured it's about time I give them out. I've uploaded my mods folder with the christmas2 dlc.rpf so you can easily merge it with your already existing mods folder if you wish. If you are very familiar with Open IV meta mods then you may wish to...
  7. Arxhive

    deadmau5's GTA V Ultimate Basic Modding Guide! (SP ONLY)

    This ever-changing guide is intended to help players that are new to any kind of mod installation on GTA V. It will cover the basics such as mod installation, basic tools/programs needed, and where everything goes. Top Sites For Mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/ http://www.nexusmods.com/gta5/...
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