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    Solved What are the signs of getting banned in GTA:O?

    I've noticed that I have been placed in lobbies where there are modders. Nearly every single lobby I join has a modder. I wanted to know what the signs are of getting banned/suspended and how to avoid them. Before all of this, I had money dropped on me in a public lobby if that has anything to...
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    Discussion Looking for people to play gta v with.

    just want people to do heists and jobs with, all my friends that play gta are on console of course so cant play wit em. im good at da game, i played it on console but moved to pc permanently. discord cudi#0139 im also 17
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    Solved Can I use a USB mod menu to mod GTA V on Xbox 360?

    I regained interest in GTA V on the 360. I really don’t want to spend any money or physically mod my console but would like to find a USB mod menu for online or story mode if possible. Does such a thing exist?
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    Unsolved *i need help asap plz* (bad nand)

    I tried to update me xbox 360 slim to kernel 17559 so I can play online but I got a frozen screen and red button instead (fixed now) but and still on da old dashboard. Ive forgotten my laptop password and Aint ğot access to a computer to fix my bad nand can someone plz help me i got all the...
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    Solved How does the ban system work in gta?

    So i joined a money lobby last year, and after a week or something, my account got resetted. So im very curious how does gta detect your "modded" money? Is there a limit which i can spent ? Are there any other rules like the ones for duping?
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    Solved I'm new to modding Xbox 360 and have a few questions...

    Hey so I'm new to modding Xbox 360 can someone explain what the best option is to mod online games such as GTA and cod? …I'm thinking an Xbox 360 slim trinity rgh2 but anyone's advice would be appreciated. Also does anyone know of any cheap/free/no subscription way of using a stealth service to...
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    Solved Atomizer in LTS??

    so i was playing T20 v runners and people had the atomizer and i looked up how to get it and tried the mc club name colour change but that did not work. any thoughts
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    Nitrocide Cash Drop Lobby | 2.5k Per Money Bag | CURRENTLY OPEN | SAFE | STRICTLY PC ONLY!

    STATUS: OFFLINE How To Join The Lobby: 1. Post your Social Club Username & that you agree to the rules. 2. Add me on Social Club. 3. Wait for me to add you and to receive an invite from me. 4. Once you're in the private cash drop lobby, make your way down to LSIA (Los Santos International...
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    TUTORIAL + Go to the internet settings and set up your internet custom the only thing you going to change is the MTU from 1500 to 800 the you connect back online +go to the specialist button on Multiplayer , Arena, custom games + join your fiend that is in zombies you will join him but sill...
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    Solved current working usb mod menu for grand theft auto 5 online?

    ive been searching for an up to date mod menu accessible by usb sidejacking, if anyone can help or just comment a possible work around that isnt patched please let me know.
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    STATUS: CLOSED HOW TO JOIN: 1. Read the rules and comment down bellow your SC name followed by "I accept the rules" 2. Add "Obdonald" on Social Club 3. Once we accepted join our session and meet at the LSIA airport RULES: Be in passive mode Don't talk suspicious stuff about money drops or...
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    Unsolved Help with money

    If someone already mods on ps4 and they don’t mind helping me out that would be great. If you could do a modded server for a couple of my broke buddy’s too that would be awesome!
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    Veda's Free Money Drop Lobby!! [PC ONLY][US Region] :)

    Status Online [Offline] How to join? 1. Comment with "I accept the rules"! 2. Send (HighImVeda) a friend request on Social Club When Online! 3. After I have accepted, just join. No invite needed! 4. Head over to the Airport! Rules: 1. Do not...
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    Patched Single Player to Multiplayer and Frozen Money.

    STAFF WARNING: Anyone caught spamming, fake reporting, or arguing within this thread will instantly be reply banned and may receive an infraction. This is your only warning. start in story mode. get the police on you and press pause when franklins hands go up. hover over choose character...
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    Patched Full Creator Mode Menu Online 1.48

    There's another thread about this with awful slightly different confusing steps, Marked patched with a lot of confusion in the replies. Here's my version of it with clear steps and a video recorded 30 minutes ago as proof. Working as of now :- Steps - Start any online session and change your...
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    Unsolved How to boost my GTA online account ps4

    How do they boost accounts? The main one is not duping but spawning the deluxo to resell at 2.8mil. All have different license plates. Other boosts are buying offices and upgrading to the max and such. Or RP. How is this done? Gta 5 online ps4. It does not involve a glitch. Thanks.
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    Discussion RGH can't connect to live system update required

    Hey, I can't connect to live because it says system update required, I am using Teapot stealth server, everything worked fine, until I decided to clean my system cache, now it wants me to update whenever I want to connect to live, I don't think it's an avatar update because my avatars aren't ghosts.
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    Discovery patched as of today

    after patch founder Aztec_games_ Creds to post patch founders sorry I couldn’t find your names Requirements: - MOC with personal vehicle storage (have an Elegy RH8 inside it) - CEO office garage with modshop (must have empty spaces) - Your friend needs to have the shooting range in their...
  19. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online's Halloween Event Grants Special Rewards

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online's Halloween Event Grants Special Rewards

    Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2, has gotten a spooky update just in time for the Halloween festivities. The new additions include an anxiety-inducing game mode, a new bounty to collect, more items in the shop, and even cosmetic masks. To start, the game...
  20. K

    Unsolved GTA V Unable to load saved data character 1

    I recently installed HFW on my 4.85 and i installed a mod menu for gta and it worked, also for online. But today i tried playing online again and nothing worked anymore. Can anyone help?
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