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  1. ElHaveCito

    Working  Red Dead Online Xp And Money Glitch / Private Lobby For Rdr and GtaV

    Hi, this is my tutorial to make xp and money in rdr in pc and consoles. The method is like this ill resume because is all explained inside video: 1-Go to area. 2-Join again to free roam ro make respawn point. 3-Make private lobby (optional, better to stay chill) 4-Take all collectibles. 5-Pc...
  2. louloupc2255

    Solved  game adder on Xbox One ?

    hey, i found several xbox one game ids like day one ect, and i was wondering if anyone could make a game adder to add them
  3. Y

    Patched  [PS4/XB1]Give modded Avenger to friends

    Friend (person giving avenger upgrades) requires: - Facility (complex, same thing) - Modded avenger avenger - Bunker You (person receiving car) requires: - Facility - Avenger 1. Go to your friends bunker 2. Friend requests any personal vehicle and hops in 3. You need to hop in as a passenger...
  4. Father

    Question  Halo Wars 2 Mod Tool Connection Issues

    Hey there, having a bit of a problem. I started modding Halo Wars 2, and, I'd like to be able to pit certain units together in customs, but, inviting myself seems to be impossible. I'm running the same app on the same pc between two different users, and they cannot join together at all. Trying...
  5. B

    Video  Has anyone ever seen a colour changing motorbike GTA Xbox one

    little creation I made just wondering if it’s a 1st for GTA not seen or herd of anyone having one apart from me be nice to see if you guys have different colours that change Look forward to hearing from you guys
  6. afterjo

    Question  transfering hdd from one xbox to another

    I have 500GB hdd in my current 1.6 xbox. And i want to put it in my other xbox 1.0. Possible to do that?
  7. ATTICUScc04

    Question  Xbox One S No Longer Boots After Update

    I posted this on the preview program reddit, but thought i'd ask here as well. Does anyone know a way to download the preview program os so I can use it on a bootable usb? My hard drive kicked the can and I put a new one in, but it won't boot with the official Xbox OS. I assume due to it...
  8. Im Zer0 Syndicate

    Solved  Help me with vantage...

    I can't find out how to use the Linux version of the Vantage mod tool. I download it, and get a zip file. I don't get a .deb file or anything inside. It seems like it's supposed to be compiled, but it has no "INSTALL" or "README" file, and no tar.gz file. Notes: -I am new to Linux, correct me...
  9. Here Are This Week's New Deals With Gold

    Here Are This Week's New Deals With Gold

    It's a new week, and that means there is a fresh set of deals available on Xbox Live across Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft's Major Nelson rounded these up on his blog, and you can see all of them here. In this post we're rounding up some of the best, most notable deals for you to consider...
  10. Overwatch Uprising Event Returns in April Anniversary

    Overwatch Uprising Event Returns in April Anniversary

    As promised, Blizzard plans to bring back a revamped version of Overwatch's Uprising event. The first details of this year's iteration have now been announced, and players will be able to take part in all of it starting on April 10. Blizzard explains that Uprising "turns back the clock, giving...
  11. No Man's Sky Xbox One Release Coming, Big Update Announced

    No Man's Sky Xbox One Release Coming, Big Update Announced

    No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox One alongside a big new update, developer Hello Games has announced. The game's Xbox One release is coming at some point in 2018, while the update is also coming for free to PS4 and PC this year. All previous expansions--Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas...
  12. AlienQC


    HEY SE7ENSINS COMMUNITY ! TODAY AM HOSTING AN INFECTION LOBBY ! If you don’t read the steps, the infection won’t work ! \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ If you want to host with the menus that am using and infected you with put CREDITS [My name on your post] or you won’t be able to join my future...
  13. SyndiShanX

    Xbox One Save Game Modding Question

    Since we can take the Hard Drive out of an Xbox, can't we mod saves? I'm assuming we don't have a save editor yet, so couldn't we just use PC saves if the game supports it?
  14. Fadexz

    Tutorial  How to get lots of Followers on Xbox One! (I got 60 Followers doing it once)

    This tutorial will show you how to get lots of followers on xbox one. I found this method myself if you would like to check me out you can here. Keep in mind all of this will be done on your xbox.com profile. Steps Link: https://account.xbox.com/Friends?xr=socialtwistnav First you will...
  15. BerryMods

    Question  I'm confused

    I know there are no Xbox One mods yet, but I just watched GoldenModz latest video and he said that he has Xbox One mods now and he opened up a website selling modded accounts. What's going on with that?
  16. Eddxdd


    Anyone with ps4 looking for boosting group post psn and ill add you with the message BOOSTING thats how you'll know its me and not a random REQUIREMENTS: DO NOT CARE ABOUT K/D ONE CONTROLLER COMMON SENSE
  17. L

    Question  Xbox One Running Web Apps

    Right so I was watching ITV Hub then it crashes I open it up again and get this https://flic.kr/p/UftPYy ngl have no clue how to use the images on here so yuno just click there and I also made a video so yuno https://flic.kr/p/UuzGzH click this and so is this normal or is this just nothing...
  18. dat_sin_tho

    Question  Custom Xbox One Help/Tips Please

    Ok. So i bought an xbox one in January and since then i have installed a custom fan and replaced the LED colors on the console and controller. Now i am going to be building a new case entirely out of wood, and installing a window. I am thinking of painting the wood blue but still undecided. I...
  19. PinnFTW

    Xbox One  Halo 5 Guardians - 31-8 commentary - sicktings

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gOzh6SlULZ0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> it's actually hella sour.
  20. M4YON

    Discussion  Beam me up Scotty! BEAM is now live for Alpha & Beta preview members!

    Beam is an innovative and interactive livestreaming service that gives viewers the ability to watch and deeply interact with their favorite game streamers in real-time, and you can now access Beam from the Guide on Xbox One! NOTE: To view the Broadcast icon for Beam in the Guide, you may need...
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