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old games

  1. Mobfather Repair

    1. Windows
    The Original Sims vs Windows 10.

    Hello everyone I have a copy of my personal favorite Sims game. The original Sims game. I wish to install the game on my gaming PC but, it won't work with Windows 10 for some reason. I have tried the compatibility modes, running as administrator, and who else knows what. I have everything that...
  2. Honorary

    Novalogic Thread.

    This is a Novalogic thread! Old PC game company who made Delta Force, Commanche, Armored Fist, Joint Operations, F-16, F-22, Tachyon, ETC. They are very much nostalgic for me. I used to play Delta Force 1 and Delta Force Black Hawk Down when I was little. Sadly they sold the rights of their...
  3. Honorary

    What was your favorite Atari game?

    Hi! I want to know what Atari game was your favorite! NOTE: I wasn't born in this generation but i am VERY interested in old games. My favorite Atari game(s):Asteroid, Space Invaders(The best old game on the Atari console in my opinion) and Combat.
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