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    Code code mw3

    hey i know this com is dead but i have fun making rte tools it would be great if you can share your code with me in a return of free access to me tool this.XRPC.SetMemory(2182039260U, new byte[] { 57, 60, 0, 1 })...
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    .NET How do I find dynamic offsets?

    I'm relatively new to C# and am trying to make a little tool for my RGHd xbox360. (Just for fun) I Have managed to find and change static offsets but have no idea how to change dynamic ones. Some people said something about IDA Pro? Any help would be appreciated. :P
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    Solved How would I use offsets?

    I have found a few offsets but when I try to mod them I get no result. For example I found a no recoil offset on google for TU18. The offset was 0x5F0030 but to turn it on you had to enter some bytes. The bytes were 2C 04 00 00. I tried to do xrgh.Call(0x5F0030, 0, new byte[] { 0x2C, 0x04, 0x00...
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    Random BO2 Offsets

    Hey Sinners I Found Some Offsets. Heres The Jist Of What They Do Fog Color (Changes Fog Color) Remove All Fog (Removes All Fog Even Smoke Grenade Fog) Highlight Alot Of **** In White? Highlight Everything In White - 820030F0 Fog Color - 8205A394 Fog Color 2 - 8205A398 Fog Color 3 - 8205A39C...
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    BO2 TU18 Offsets List w/ Some Bytes

    Decided to make a list of currently known working offsets that I myself and others have found. I don't take credit for all these offsets and I don't have a clue where I got all of them and their original founders but if you PM I'll be more than happy to add you to the credits at the bottom...
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    Unsolved BO2 Offsets and Bytes

    I was working on a tool, and i had all the offsets and bytes in for the offhost section of the tool, wen't in private match to test but it wasn't working, yes tool was connected. It would be great if someone could include most of the offsets and bytes because i wan't to make sure they are...
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    .NET C# Help! Need help inputting offsets!

    I am creating a tool in C# (First tool ever in C# with little experience) and i was following Modded Warfares XRPC tool Tutorial. I got done with what i needed help with so i thought, and started on multiplayer offsets such as these: + 0x90DD - Prestige + 0x90E1 - Rank + 0x90E5 - RankXp +...
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    Mod Menu IW5M Mod Menu Source(Converted to and Optimized for DLL)

    First things first, I in no way take credit for making this menu. All credits go to hacksorce. Hello, Se7ensins I've been getting a lot of questions on how to create a DLL menu instead of a Dashlaunch Plugin(XEX) for MW3 so I used Hacksorce's MW3 menu source and converted it to a DLL and...
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    Code Armor effect looper c#

    This is code to cycle through armor effects, you need an rgh for this to work and you'll need some knowledge in copy and pasting my work into visual studios lmao
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    Solved Looking for help on JRPC Offsets, Visual Basic 2013 C#

    I am working on a JRPC tool, i have already set up and tested if it will connect and send XNotify's, thats works of course. But im looking on help on using offsets for hacks and mods, Mainly for Black ops 3. Contact me on skype, my skype is on my profile! :D I will also give you credit and early...
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    Code TU27 Offsets

    Updated to tu27 offsets
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    Solved Looking for GTA V TU27 Offset...

    I'm looking for GTA V TU27 Offsets These are TU26 Offsets hook1->SetValue(0x835212A8); //TU26=0x835212A8 hook2->SetValue(0x835211D0); //TU26=0x835211D0 hook3->SetValue(0x83521CD8); //TU26=0x83521CD8 nativeHook->SetValue(0x83520900)...
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