1. Persistence

    Unsolved  How do I find & freeze the offset for health in XCE tool's?

    Hey guy's, I was recently playing through a old game I used to love playing when I was younger I decided to make a mini RPC tool for it because why not. Added the money to it thinking this is a peace of cake I can make this no problem then. I got to dumping the health & couldn't find it I can''t...
  2. Professional

    Discussion  Alternative way to check TitleIDs on RGH

    So I've noticed some debug/developer builds of games don't show the title ID when checking with XamGetCurrentTitleID so I found an offset that you can peek using programs like Peek Poker to see Title IDs that may otherwise have no easy way of being found. Here's the address and I found it on...
  3. ElectroDennis

    Solved  Need help finding offset and making SCO/sprx blackscreen protection

    running 4.82.1 NoBD and I grabbed my eboot and converted it to an elf and opened it with HxD to try and find the “RECIEVED_GETREADY_TO_START_PLAYING” offset so i can make my own blackscreen protection. I found the string but it has three offsets like so... I’m not sure what the hell I’m...
  4. XeCrash

    Unsolved  Need BO2 Body Color offset

    I'm looking for the bo2 body color offset and I can't seem to find anything online or searching through memory dumps so if anyone has it and would be kind enough to give it to me it would be much appreciated!
  5. MrNiato

    [RELEASE] Black ops 3 Zombie Stats Tool (Unlock All 100% Clean, Weapons & Gobblegum Editor & More)

    Hello there, Today I release my first tool on Black ops 3 for Zombie Mode. Features : -Complete Stats Editing. -Clean & Complete Unlock All (No error / freeze) -Weapons & Gobblegum Complete Editor Video : Link : VS...
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