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off radar

  1. RedDeadGlitches

    Patched  Off the radar glitch - Radar invisibility glitch (CO-OP)

    Hello outlaws! With this red dead online off radar glitch you become invisible on other players radar/maps, and they can't auto-aim on you (similar to if you're in defensive mode, with the difference that you CAN auto-aim on them :smile:). This has only been tested on PS4. This is a co-op...
  2. B

    Patched  Easy RC Solo God Mode With Weapons, Off Radar, Invisible

    https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-pull-off-rc-bandito-otr-semi-god-mode-glitch.1758600/ Requirements: -Arena -Rc Bandito ---------------------- -Go to Arena -Remove explosive from RC Bandito -Go to Dashboard- Settings/Accessibility/Button Assignment/Enable custom button...
  3. A


    Hi, Requirements - You must fly high as soon you get under the map if you take too long u will die for wallbreach - death barrier. - Fresh restart and clear cache game. - Spawn location Lombank CEO office , bunker or arena . Important : Any other spawns locations will break the glitch...
  4. T

    Patched  (100% SOLO) - INVISIBLE, OTR, NO COPS EASIER METHOD (Requires Avenger)

    This is a variation of the already known radio-to-bed glitch, however it does not require you to spectate anyone or wait for them to leave. It can be done start to finish in three minutes or less. 1 - Go to the bedroom in the facility. 2 - Go first person and stand away from the radio, run...
  5. V


    Big thanks to the founders of this glitch and thanks to V21Dangerous (me) for finding an easier workaround for this glitch without the bed and radio step becuase there is people who has problems with that step and i do too. Requirements: - Facility - Security Room Steps: - Load into an public...
  6. HoestOnline

    Video  Cops Off Radar & Freemode Shenanigans ( + how to make a solo public lobby)

    Cops Off Radar (Yes, they do that!) Freemode Shenanigans (FUN) how to: solo public lobby We start today's GTA 5 Online video off in an LSPD Police Cruiser blowing up a random player in his Itali GTB. Money has to be made, so a little coke sale showed how brutal cops can be. Also in this video...
  7. Swiftyste

    Patched  Off the radar Solo after Hotfix

    Yes the first glitch got patched but there's away around it :biggrin: All you need 2 car garage (A Must to be able this to work) - I got it to work with 2 full garages A full garage Doesn't matter 2,6 or 10 Instructions 1. Get the bike from your 2 car garage (Must have) 2. Drive into...
  8. K

    Patched  Off the Radar After 1.31 $$ Glitch (VIP on the Yacht)

    Hey guys, I got off the radar earlier today, I confirmed I was off radar by flying around (from my yacht to Maze Bank tower) and then diving off the tower and when I splatted on the ground, permanent death. No access to the context menu (the back/select button) or being able to see anything...
  9. D

    Patched  [PS4 XB1 PC confirmed] invisable/off the radar/interiors breach

    Hello , here a new really easy solo glitch, hope we can turn this into a dupe glitch :smile: Text Tutorial : part 1 of this glitch will allow you to be off the radar and players list, you will also be able to access story mode interiors while online. You cant see players blips on the map...
  10. K

    Patched  New GTA 5 Online Off Radar Glitch

    ...Hey what going on guys what im bringing you guys today is a new gta 5 online off radar glitch all you need is a friend and you want to go to any of the movie theaters in los santos once your there just tell your friend to start up a rockstar created not a BOOKED MARKED it wont work but once...
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