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    Boosting Nukes on Verdansk International Airport

    add me @ BurpTheBaby#1561194 to wallbreach in groundwar and get nukes
  2. B

    Nuke boosting?

    Looking for someone to boost nukes in infection or other gamemode with, any platform is ok add my activision acct and tell me that you’re there to boost nukes: BurpTheBaby#1561194
  3. A

    Nuke Boosting Xbox

    Looking for Players to boost Nuke. Headset is necessary. Activision ID: Drty Kenzo#1559093 and msg me
  4. I


    Experienced booster since COD4 Accepting all new boosters! 2 controllers and a mic are needed. (keyboards etc) Short lobby queues Friendly boosters :) Add me up!! activison @XiLe#5721148 Or drop your activision account id down below vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv :cool::smile...
  5. N

    Boosting pls

    Lf someone to boost with to get the nuke calling card. Add me on psn: nozsko
  6. M

    Nuke Calling Card Boost

    Hi, Does anyone want to boost together for the nuke calling card? PS4 only please because game chat is pretty ****. It’ll probably be first come first served.
  7. B


    Looking for find a few people to help me get nuke calling card. Message my gamer tag so we can set something up A1 Potato. I’ll be on
  8. J

    Nuke calling card

    Reply you activision ID or add me Jake#5450477
  9. X

    Looking for someone to boost Nuke Calling Card with

    Hey Im looking for someone to boost the nuke calling card with. Maybe in Ground war ?
  10. B

    Wall breach Boosting ANYWHERE (EASY) (BOOSTING+Glitching)

    the glitch requires at least 3 people, we will be entering groundwar which is the only game mode for this glitch to be possible. There is currently me and a friend waiting for another player, your friends are welcome to join as long as the party meets the maximum groundwar party requirements to...
  11. T

    Need full party || bo4 boosting || HC dom

    Put psn name down below and i will invite you to party.
  12. S

    bo3 boosting need players

    okay so my ingame name is spectre i dont mind any number of players split screen also prefered and thx alot =D this is pc only bo3
  13. S

    Nuke Boosting Help needed-have two pads

    I need some people to help me boost for nuke calling card. Im new to boosting in general so I need someone with experience. May 8th is when i might be available.
  14. N

    Bo3 Nuked out Boosting PC

    I am looking for 6-8 people who have half hour or so spare to join a hardcore ffa boost lobby and take turns to boost a Nuked out medal or if there is something you need we can talk. Ts3 required and microphone preferred. Do not post game tags or steam Id Just send me a pm. Available 5.00...
  15. S


    Add Skrzypek93 on PS3 will be running this ALL DAY Post reply if your legit
  16. K

    Video This technique gets you a de-atomizer strike every time!

    Guys... This technique will guarantee you getting a de-atomizer strike every game! My quickest strike is 1 min 20 secs using this trap and can be done a lot quicker.
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