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  1. N

    Solved  How do Modding Sites make modded accounts?

    Hello good people! Since I'm quite new to modding and the whole community in general I'd like to ask how sites where you pay for something like an unlock all work. Also how do RGH consoles play into this? And since I've already seen a bit, why would you downgrade your GTA version? I mean, you...
  2. Giantz

    Solved  need help getting my rgh online

    bought a week of ninja stealth and a new kv and just cant connect to xbl tested connection and it says everythings connected it says im signed in when I boot up my console then if I go on something that requires xbl itll ask me to sign in ive looked everywhere for help
  3. ImOx

    Tutorial  How To Fix MW3 Data Is Incompatible Error [Step-By-Step] [Jtag/RGH]

    So, people are still having this problem, and the fix is simple, but some people don't understand it, so I thought I'd make this step-by-step tutorial so you will get this fixed for sure. Extract the .rar and now you should have 46 files. So just transfer all these files to your MW3...
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