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nintendo switch

  1. C

    Question  Nintendo switch Jailbreak Help

    Hello so I decided to mess with my broken switch. I stopped using it about 2 years ago since I got mad and hit it and damaged the WiFi and now I gotta be very close to my router to get it to work. Anyways I checked the serial number and it’s unpatched. So would it be alright if I updated to the...
  2. M

    News  Switch Lite and Patched Switch will be hacked by Team Xecuter Soon

    It seems that TX has found a way to modify the latest Switch consoles, including the newly released Lite Brand news, the Switch Lite and Patched Switch consoles will be soon hacked by Team Xecuter. TX SX Pro and SX OS are not working on the 2 units, but TX will release something new to mod...
  3. I

    Support  Noob Friendly Tutorial on How to have Both Android 8.1(LineageOS) & Atmosphere (or ReINX) on one SD?

    I have seen some posts on partitioning, but there isn't a very clear video tutorial or even text tutorial that shows how to simply have Android and CFW on one SD card. I have a 200GB, I would like 32GB of it to go to android and the rest for my games and cfw. How would I do that?
  4. hebesupport

    News  Update: Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 Firmware blocks SX OS/Atmosphere

    New Switch firmware 9.0.0 just arrives, don't udpate if you have SX OS/Atmosphere or any other CFW working on your console. They are currently patched by the new system update, just wait patiently. More about Switch hacking is here.
  5. Castle Crashers Remastered Comes To Nintendo Switch In September

    Castle Crashers Remastered Comes To Nintendo Switch In September

    The Castle Crashers Remastered, the update of the cooperative side-scrolling beat-em-up that turned 11 on Tuesday, will be re-released on Nintendo Switch as Castle Crashers Remastered. The game will be available in the eShop on Sept. 17, with a PlayStation 4 version following later. In a blog...
  6. Disney Classic Games Collection Coming To Console And PC

    Disney Classic Games Collection Coming To Console And PC

    Two classic video games from the 16-bit era, Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King, are coming to modern platforms this fall. Publisher Nighthawk Interactive and developer Digital Eclipse will bundle those two retro platformers in Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King, which will be...
  7. Fortnite 10.10 Content Update Patch Notes

    Fortnite 10.10 Content Update Patch Notes

    Another update has arrived for Fortnite. Content update 10.10 is now live across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, and it adds a new throwable item to the popular battle royale game, along with a new type of consumable. Here are the patch notes. First up is the Junk Rift...
  8. Tekken 7 Reveals New DLC Characters

    Tekken 7 Reveals New DLC Characters

    Tonight during the Tekken World Tour 2019 Evo event, Bandai Namco announced new details about Tekken 7's ongoing post-launch support. A brand-new character, Leroy Smith, is coming to the fighting game through its Season Pass 3. The character Zafina, who was first introduced in Tekken 6, is also...
  9. Fortnite Patch v9.40 Adds Another New Shotgun

    Fortnite Patch v9.40 Adds Another New Shotgun

    Fortnite probably didn’t need another shotgun, but patch v9.40 is bringing one anyway. The patch adds a fourth shotgun variety to the game, a few much-needed quality of life buffs, and it even unvaulted the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. The new shotgun is called the Tactical Shotgun, and it looks a...
  10. RexV

    Solved  GTA 6, Should It Be Released On Nintendo Switch?

    The last GTA game released on a Nintendo console was GTA: Chinatown Wars, which is an underrated game imo, I personally liked it, should they release GTA 6 on the Switch? I would be hyped if Rockstar did, but I think the Switch lacks capability to even run the game, i think it would be cool if...
  11. Nintendo Switch Online Reaches Almost 10 Million Subscribers

    Nintendo Switch Online Reaches Almost 10 Million Subscribers

    The Nintendo Switch Online paid membership program is doing quite well, it seems. Nintendo has confirmed that 9.8 million people have signed up for the paid program since the service launched back in September. This excludes free trial memberships, but it does include family subscriptions...
  12. Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Coming In June, Report Says

    Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Coming In June, Report Says

    A new, cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch will launch "by the end of June," according to a source speaking to Bloomberg. This is at least the second time this year that we've heard reports about a less expensive Switch model, as The Wall Street Journal reported in March that Nintendo would...
  13. hebesupport

    News  Nintendo Switch updated to 8.0.1 firmware version

    Switch Firmware version 8.0.1 is now live and available for download. The changelog is minimal this time around, only noting that there’s been general stability updates. This thread will be updated if any major homebrew or exploits have been patched yet again. Improvements Included in Version...
  14. hebesupport

    News  Switch 8.0.0 CFW Atmosphere 0.8.8 released

    0.8.8 is Atmosphère's fifteenth official release. fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.8.8. With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.8.8 is bundled with hbl 2.1, and hbmenu 3.0.1. The following was changed since the last release: Support was added for firmware version 8.0.0. Custom...
  15. hebesupport

    News  Team Xecuter is online again and releasing SX OS 2.6.2

    SX OS v2.6.2 BETA Announcement Today we bring you SX OS v2.6.2 beta. This release addresses two issues we wanted to get out to all of you soon. For getting it on your Nintendo Switch, you can just buy a SX OS license. Game compatibility fixed for games that require firmware 7.x Some recent...
  16. hebesupport

    News  SX OS 2.6 finally released for Switch 7.0.X

    We know everyone has been eagerly anticipating support for firmware 7.x, some even said it would never come.. but the wait is now over! SX OS v2.6 BETA Announcement This new 2.6 BETA of SX OS adds full support for Nintendo Switch firmware 7.x, including ALL functionality you expect when using...
  17. Cellulose

    Support  Trouble getting Nintendo Switch to detect as APX on Windows 10

    Alright so I've been ****ing around with this for hours. I bought a RCM jig on Amazon a little bit ago, but I'd like to get it into RCM mode before I get the jig just because I am inpatient. I have made my own RCM jig out of a paperclip and I don't know if it's not touching pins 1 and 10 so it's...
  18. hebesupport

    Support  Which Switch accessory do you recommend?

    As the title, do you have any suggestion?
  19. hebesupport

    News  ReiNX 3.0 for Nintendo Switch 7.0 firmwares

    The Switch 7.0.x firmware seems a little hard to crack, Reinx has finally released a beta 3.0 version for it, but it's still a early build, and for SX OS, still no more news. Quoted from elise (from the Discord server): 7.0.X release. This is an early build/release that uses sept. Some games...
  20. Fortnite Patch v8.01 Sends Players Looking For Buried Treasure

    Fortnite Patch v8.01 Sends Players Looking For Buried Treasure

    Fortnite’s latest season has started last week and Epic is already adding to it with patch v8.01. The patch isn’t massive, but it does contain a few balance changes and add the new treasure map item to the game. The treasure map, called buried treasure in-game, is a new item found either in...
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