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  1. sukarodo

    Solved  NiNJA HUD + Notify & ******** Blue Dashboard

    So I'm new to an RGH and the modding scene in general. I was curious if I could use the NiNJA HUD + Notify provided to me from YouTube, but keep my current ******** Dashboard, as I love it! Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. R

    Solved  NiNJA Menu Help Xbox 360

    Hello, I am new to this site and I and brand new to modding. I would like some help on an issue I have with the NiNJA Stealth and anyone with some sort of answer is greatly appreciated. First off, I bought a previously owned RGH console from a seller, and they already had the XeX menu and NiNJA...
  3. DetectiveFH

    Video  Check out my new awesome action packed Fortnite gameplay

    This is a video of me and some of my friends playing fortnite at the beginning of round we went to Tilted towers and killed everyone thier a must watch you will not regret it
  4. WannaDJ

    Video  NINJA ATTACK w/ thepizzaman! - Free Roam Madness #35 (GTA 5 Online Trolling and Funny Moments)

    NINJA ATTACK w/ thepizzaman! - Free Roam Madness #35 (GTA 5 Online Trolling and Funny Moments) If 1 ninja was overpowered now imagine an army of 3 ninjas! It's time for the ninjas to take over Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online (GTA 5 Online). Rules are simple, we can only kill people using...
  5. WannaDJ

    Video  NINJA MODE! - Free Roam Madness #30 (GTA 5 Online)

    NINJA MODE! - Free Roam Madness #30 (GTA 5 Online) In today's Grand Theft Auto 5 Online (GTA 5 Online) Free Roam Madness video we go full Ninja mode, we have no weapons but a knife and we need to take down as many people as we can. Let's do it!
  6. jamesgarretttt

    Solved  RGH Wont Connect To Live

    So, i am fairly new, but i do know what is going on. i havent found anything definitive that says my console is banned, and ive also been using ninja since ive been online for this console so im still on my retail KV. now, all of a sudden since last night, im having trouble logging in. ive done...
  7. NiNJA

    NiNJA Engine v2 - The best.

    v158 DROPPED! REBOOT PLEASE OR NiNJA ENGINE WILL NOT WORK! HvH FEATURES FIXED! SPINBOT FIXED! CRASHING FIXED! BO3 ENABLED!!!!!!!! ----- Here's a fresh video, sorry my channel has been full of COD4 vids, but MW1 is my absolute favorite! Gonna do a video for each of the 9 CoDs - NiNJA Engine...
  8. S

    Question  NINJA BO3 menu Vision Check?

    Anybody that uses NINJA service and plays BO3 and uses Vision Check option within the aimbot menu, is there an equal to Vision Check in BO2 menu? Reason I ask, is that is the key aimbot option to use to destroy teams with Mothership.
  9. S

    Solved  Why does this happen?!

    Hey, i have xbls.Ninja and I want to use a mod menu on bo2. Every time I load bo2 up using a modded 'default_mp.xex', it looks as if it is about to load but then the screen goes black. The screen has not frozen though as when I press the xbox button on the controller, the little menu comes up...
  10. T

    Solved  RGH Freezing when trying to connect to NiNjA

    When I first started freezing I thought it was just a bad plugin so I removed all the plugins and went to the xbl ninja website and downloaded the files. I then put all the files on a usb drive and transferred them over to my HDD once they were all on my HDD I have them a path in dashlaunch...
  11. RaReMoDzYT

    Solved  NiNJA is Not working for me

    I'm having a issue connecting to NINJA I get stuck on boot logo all the time but when I try any other server it works fine! Can anyone help me please?
  12. FinaBeNasty

    Halo 5 Ninja Montage! **EPIC!**

    Hey Everyone! I just finished my first Halo 5 ninja montage. Check it out and let me know what you think! I enjoy staying creative and having fun with this game! Do it For the Love | Halo 5 Ninja Montage | FinaBeNasty
  13. Z

    EvoNinja (Don't buy from them)

    It took them 15 hours to buy my players and they take no responsibility at all. They advertise that they buy your players in 10 min and that if you don't want to wait 6 hours for your coins, you should choose them. I guess it's all a lie. Since it took them 15 hours to buy my players, they...
  14. Just Dyl Bro

    Solved  NiNJA Help!

    I get this when i boot up my JTAG "an error occurred in ninja (xcsrvcf) restarting" what does this mean? first time its happened! ITS RUN SMOOTH until now
  15. Just Dyl Bro

    Question  Best BOP2 Patch

    hey guys, Looking for the best BO2 Patch for online, Im using NiNJA online and using Jiggymenu but I was wondering if there is any menu's where i can host prestige lobbys? Thanks in advance
  16. TheModdingCat

    Solved  XBL Ninja Boot Up Frozen

    Every time I boot my RGH 2 Trinity it freezes on the Xbox Logo. I paid for 3 days of XBL Ninja and am trying to get online. I tested my newly purchased KV and it's unban. I have no idea why it's freezing. I used the standard Lanuch.ini Ninja paired with the stealth and yet I am still having this...
  17. Professional

    Solved  Xbox Network Issues RGH

    Okay so first off I will explain the issue. Basically I can connect to xbox, however no content on dashboard loads, I get very limited functionality and use from my RGH. I get the error code:80072af9 What I have attempted to do to fix the issue Reflash my nand Re-download NiNJA.xex (Because...
  18. T

    Solved  Xbox 360 Boots Freestyle Dash not NiNJA?

    Hey guys, title says all, but my RGH boots differently than normal. Usually when having NiNJA, you press the guide button and see NiNJA at the bottom of the guide. Now, it shows "Freestyle Dash" and then my CPU GPU, temperatures, etc. How do I fix this? My plugin order is... Hdd:/xbdm.xex...
  19. I Split Feeds

    Need COD Players to Help

    hey guys! Long story short, I am making a Ninja Defuse montage for Call of Duty 4 Remastered and I need help staging Ninja Defuses in private match for cinematic effects! I need this done by tonight, please let me know and I will make sure you are credited in helping with the video, message my...
  20. mathmattx

    Patched  In the Bum Shack, Dumpster Diving & Breaches

    Get your trash suits on. Get in trash bins and also some new sweet wallbreaches. There are different types of bins, some you can shoot out and some just for invincible hide spots. There are many locations I'm sure and here are a few. This first spot has best of everything. The bin allows for...
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