1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Taking Down the Cartels Boat | + New Bonus Track Exclusive

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Taking Down the Cartels Boat | + New Bonus Track Exclusive

    Here's some solo campaign play with a bonus track added to the gameplay. "Ghosts" By DRIP STAR will be available on all streaming outlets at the end of the month but you can hear it right here right now exclusively on Se7ensins and YouTube
  2. Navy Davey

    Patched  Benny’s/F1s Merge!!! Terrorbyte/MOC/Avenger to Aircraft!!!

    Requirements: Kosatka Submarine. Modded Terrorbyte or MOC or Avenger. Aircraft you want the Mods on Full Aircraft Hangar. Method: Call your Kosatka. Quickly call the Aircraft you want Mods on. If Sub spawns before Aircraft it will not work. Get into the Aircraft. Call your modded Terrorbyte...
  3. Resident Evil: NOT A HERO DLC Playthrough! pt1

    Resident Evil: NOT A HERO DLC Playthrough! pt1

    this series i will be playing through the expansion campaign "not a hero" which lets you play as chris redfield and complete a mission to contain the mold and catch Lucas. more in description
  4. Snake LIVE - Lets play Modern Warfare!

    Snake LIVE - Lets play Modern Warfare!

    Just some of the youtube stream last night when i was playing hardcore pub matches! join for all the latest gaming and modding news, videos, threads, merchandise and all your technology needs!
  5. Navy Davey

    Discussion  Cayo Perico Heist New Vehicle Drip Feed!

    Well after waiting patiently for a week and a half or so my mod menu is back up and I can showcase the newest vehicles that will be released in the game over the next several weeks... Enjoy and Happy Holidays.
  6. Y


    FOUNDER GLITCH MAN ONLINE PREREQUISITES BUNKER, MOC, ARENA 1. Your friends must put this in OTR. 2. Once the friend has bugged in OTR, you go to the arena. 3. Once in front of the arena you take an NPC car, and you will need an empty space inside the arena for this bug. 4.Your buger...
  7. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET the SATELLITE in YOUR MULTIPLAYER CLASSES on Black Ops 3!

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to do get the Satellite in your Multiplayer Classes on BO3! Steps : - First of all, go to your settings & delete your BO3 Save (It's only your Offline save, it will only reset your sensibility) - Then disconnect Internet & start BO3 - Now...
  8. Jugger_

    Working  How to PLAY with 18 PLAYERS in ANY GAME MODE on Black Ops 3! (BO3 Glitch 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - For Dead Ops Arcade 2, ask a friend to search a game in Dead Ops Arcade Public Match - Now go to your friends list, click on your friend's profile & press Join game then custom game - Once you've done it, ask a friend to join your lobby and when he's in your...
  9. A

    Solved  Need help with a glitch

    Hey, so I’m gonna get straight to it in story mode there is a glitch where if you bring up your phone and just as u click on any website like where u go to buy cars or anything you press the start button right after u click on the website when u exit out of the menu u should see the website now...
  10. Aztecgamesyt2k20

    Discovery  patched as of today

    after patch founder Aztec_games_ Creds to post patch founders sorry I couldn’t find your names Requirements: - MOC with personal vehicle storage (have an Elegy RH8 inside it) - CEO office garage with modshop (must have empty spaces) - Your friend needs to have the shooting range in their...
  11. S

    Patched  New Oppressor MK2 Speed Exploit

    I found a new way for the Oppressor MK2 to go extremely fast, similar to speed of the old glitch. I'm going to show you how to do this technique to gain speed both vertically and horizontally. Before I begin, I want to give proper credit to Skipping-Rocks12 on Reddit. I was checking to see if...
  12. Silent Nine


    -Text Tutorial- Steal a horse and Get ANY 2 animals.(That you can place on the back of your horse) Make sure you are on your stolen horse. Put the first one on the stolen horse then the other one on your horse. Go to Stawberry and go to the cliff that is next to the butcher. Park the stolen...
  13. Silent Nine


    -Tutorial- *You Need Two Players* Get ANY animal. Go to Blackwater and on the right side on the docks. Make it so your horse is in water. Have your friend shot your horse. Call in your horse after it dies. Make sure you have the first animal that dropped in your hands and do make your horse...
  14. Kimil

    Patched  New Method solo massive car duplication

    new method solo: TeamH4ckh14 youtube channel: UCoVGDcQwHzPrWHFYfsDFoYw old version duo: Apokalypt Requirements: - Bunker with MOC, car to duplicate in MOC (no iFruit plates needed) - Arena filled with Elegy RH8s (all 3 garages work) - RC Bandito - CEO Buzzard - Set your aim mode to 'Free Aim'...
  15. I

    Patched  New masive dupe

    Duplicate post: hello friends today I bring you a massive duplicate glitch. Requirements: - MOC with Elegy RH8 - Car you want to duplicate - SEO Garage - Friend with MOC (only to do the glitch)...
  16. I

    Video  *After patch* Semisolo masive car dupe

    I dont speak English well but i put the video to show the glitch if someone can put the steps i appreciate so much.
  17. ThAtGuYoNxBoXFTW

    Unsolved  New PC Build Help - £1300

    Anyone who is good with computers able to show me a build for a PC? I've currently been looking at OMEN by HP 880-148na Gaming PC - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 which cost a similar price however my research has shown me that building is more cost-effective? Any help would be appreciated - I do...
  18. E


    Founders: KingAlexHD & Evilerbranch902 Video: NOTE: Please do this in free aim --> No Custom Plates Needed CEO Requirements: Nightclub / CEO Garage With Custom Auto Shop / At Least 10 Empty Slots / Free RH8 IN A CEO Garage 1,2,3 BUNKER Requirements: Nightclub / Bunker / M.O.C With Personal...
  19. AironCriminal


    hello guys first I say that I do not want to give any merit with this. I just do it for helping the community in what I can- The issue of corrupt activities that do not appear is solved as follows: Steps: 1º Go to marked activities, options, online, play activity, marked, and one by one all...
  20. 7sEnthusiast

    Patched  Different method of Receiving a car over a Magic Spot

    1: You already recieved your car on magic slot. 2: Have your Mobile Operation Centre outside ready!. 3: Request Faggio and both get on and get the (Get Faggio to Freeze). 4: Join Darts from friends. 5: Now You've should have spawned in your Mobile Operation Centre with the car ((( Swap it Out to...
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