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  1. L

    Working  *NEW* RDR2 Online CO-OP Wallbreach *Afterpatch*

    Wallbreach Method Founder: Exploit Theory Wallbreach Location Founders: Hazeltin & LicenseToGlitch This glitch requires 2 people To begin go to the J. Cooperlee & Co. building directly to the right of the first large steam boat on the left side of the dock at Saint Denis Step 1: walk up to...
  2. xXGunModzXx

    Working  I found a *New* *Super Easy* Solo Unlimited MoneyGlitch in Story Mode !

    Hello everybody . I found a new glitch in GTA V (Story Mode), where you can easily get money. All you have to do is find ( with Michael ) an armored truck and steal it. Then you drive to your garage with the money transporter at your house and park the money transporter in there. Then you save...
  3. R

    Unsolved  Is there any way to duplicate limited extra camos onto my account?

    I've seen some websites that say they can add these camos to your account so there must be some way to do it. I am familiar with the account duplication glitch but it doesn't transfer over camos like cherry fizz, bloody valentine, into the void etc. My friend has these camos and more and is...

    Patched  Get the Blazer Lifeguard Insured

    Hi !! I am not sure if this has been posted or not. I Have no clue. I will post this method here and if its posted elsewhere I would like the admin to take it off. I am also not sure if this is useful for anybody or not but since its a discovery I would like to share it here in the community...
  5. Danixer


    UNLOCK ALL GOLD HERO GEAR GLITCH! | HOW TO UNLOCK ALL GOLD GEAR FOR HERO FREE! (Text + Video) STEPS/Text Tutorial! Hover over specialist and then get an invite from friend Join your friend Try to find the “New Gear New Fear” ad in the corner and press square (ps4) x I think for xbox Press...
  6. Danixer

    Video  [PS4] How to Get GOLD GEAR SET FOR TOTALLY FREE ( 1 controller )

    Go GO GO !
  7. Danixer


  8. KingKieffy

    Patched  New personal dup glitch?

    Watching broontangos new mixed bag video! And he was talking about a new personal vehicle duplication glitch! Says hes hoping to release a video tomorrow (2/24) or sometime next week! I will list the things he stated to make this easy to read! 1- you'll need a 10 car garage! 2-NOT SOLO! you'll...
  9. CheaterGG97

    Working  Black Ops 3 Zombie Glitches - Elevator Glitch!

    Brief Tutorial 1 - Make the sheild 2 - Go to the Theatre area of Shadows of Evil map 3 - go onto the cat walk opposite the Theatre building 4 - Get onto the stairs with your sheild on your back (facing down the stairs) 5 - Let a zombie hit you in the back and you should elevate 6 - aim in the...
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