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    Unsolved  Does your Netflix app got updated?

    Anyone else noticed some mayor update on the Netflix app? I installed it about two months ago in my Xbox 360 RGH (downloaded it from a site found by Google search) and now it's updated , I setted the block to m$ servers when I modded so no live for me, despite that Netflix was able to...
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    Solved  Can i connect my XBox 360 J-Tag to the internet?

    Hello guys, I have a XBox 360 modded J-Tag. I want to connect it to the internet but i dont want to connect to xbox live. Is this possible and will my XBox still work for playing games? My friend told me that once he connected it to the internet it broke (didnt even turn on) and if it is...
  3. Hulu Introducing Ad-Free Viewing

    Hulu Introducing Ad-Free Viewing

    Let's be honest, no one has ever enjoyed sitting through those immensely boring thirty second advertisements, whether that be on YouTube, Twitch or any other major streaming platform. Earlier this year, Google announced their plans for users to pay an optional monthly fee for an ad-free YouTube...
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