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  1. M

    Question  Xbox Neighborhood doesn't appear on the desktop after installation.

    I've installed neighborhood easily in the past, but now the actual application for neighborhood doesn't seem to get installed by the installer. It is not visible in the start menu or on the desktop. I've tried multiple versions of the SDK from various places, but they all have the same problem...
  2. C

    Question  my neighborhood wont open

    my neighborhood wont open when i try to restart my pc it vanishes
  3. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood

    Hi, I've just successfully RGH'd my Trinity (Some of the Se7ensins forum posts were very helpful :) ), and I've installed DashLaunch 3.18 (588). I am on dashboard 17526, and I can't seem to get Xbox 360 neighborhood working. I have SDK version 2.0.21256.3 installed on my PC running Windows 10...
  4. xexcaleb

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood is broken/Wont uninstall

    I have been trying to uninstall neighborhood because of problems i was having with connecting to RTM tools but it just wont uninstall. I uninstalled the files and emptied recycle bin but its still on my computer. So i reboot my computer and i still can open neighborhood through the file...
  5. I

    Solved  360 Neighborhood cannot establish connection

    Hey all! I've been having quite the tough time with 360 Neighborhood, whenever I input either the IP address of my console or "Jtag" in the input box, a message saying that "Insert IP here/Jtag" cannot be found. I have searched deeply for and tried any possible solutions. ie. Resetting your...
  6. Sammy Duncan

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood link

    Hi, I have tried to download the links from modded warfare’s video on youtube, but they have failed at 1.4GB.could someone leave the link below so I can get it please Thanks
  7. L

    Solved  New to RGH, Neighborhood wont find xbox

    I just bought my RGH on amazon, and have xex downloaded, and mw2 installed. I know nothing about modding and my liveblock is enabled because i dont want to get banned. I have xballin installed on my xbox but its not in my plugins, my plugins are all empty. I just want to get online on a...
  8. N

    Solved  So, I just got my Xbox 360 modded (RGH). Now what?

    Hi, I've been looking for a good way to get a mod menu on my RGH Xbox 360, but have had trouble with actually transferring files to my Xbox 360. I've heard that neighborhood is a good option, but have had trouble with finding a good SDK that will work on my computer. Furthermore, I need to find...
  9. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood will not connect

    Hi. Whenever I try to connect Xbox 360 Neighborhood to my RGH2, it says it could not find the console. The computer and Xbox are both wired into the same network. I am on the latest dash. I can FTP into the console through FSD. Other network plugins such as JRPC will not work either. Currently I...
  10. chekamarue27

    Solved  Cant Connect to my xbox!!

    Hello, Guys! may you help me on this issue which i have been on it since two days now googling around for a solution.... Basically my problem is I can't add my jtag to neighborhood I tried and review everything regarding plugins but still cant connect to it network setting for my xbox is on...
  11. G

    Solved  Xbox 360 Neighborhood for Mac

    I was just wondering if there are any alternatives to xbox 360 Neighborhood so I can use on mac
  12. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Need Help RGH xbox 360 tools wont work

    Ok i am posting this for a couple friends. We have been trying to figure out why they can not get any tools to work off their pc. They can not use their Jtag sidekick or any tools from the pc. When they try to connect it fails. They both are running either JRPC or XDRPC in their launch ini. Can...
  13. A

    Question  RGH/ Neighborhood HELP PLZ ASAP

    Hey currently for the past 2 weeks my neighborhood stopped being able to find my rgh and I don't know what is wrong with it and yes i checked my ip and changed it , i uninstalled and reinstalled neighborhood ,and switched out my xbdm.xex with a new xbdm.xex, I have checked and made sure they are...
  14. V

    Solved  Xbox Neighborhood Problem (PLEASE HELP)

    So I've received my RGH (Corona V2 - Slim) Today, i set everything up, I've installed games onto the HDD1 Games Folder, for example Call of Duty: Black ops II GSC Menus run fine, No problems what so ever. I've installed DLC + Title Update etc, i then went to connect Xbox 360, Neighborhood to the...
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