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  1. clarkenuttal

    NBA 2K21 MyTeam Unlimited/Limited Boosting

    Looking for boosting in MyTeam Unlimited/Limited modes for rings and 12-0 rewards. Hit me up with pvt message including your gamer tag n PS4.
  2. R

    park boosting nba 2k21

    Xbox Hit me up to boost on park 2s get legend and badges and rep up quick R3V3RLUT10N X XBOX only
  3. S

    Discussion  Let's Make 2k21 Right

    Does anyone else find the 2k21 upgrades to the next generation consoles bs? Almost every other developer is offering free upgrades of the exact same game, but 2k is giving standard editions on the next gen for those who bought the mamba edition on the current generation consoles. On top of that...
  4. NBA 2K20 Dev Working "Around The Clock" To Fix The Game's Bugs

    NBA 2K20 Dev Working "Around The Clock" To Fix The Game's Bugs

    NBA 2K20 launched last week, and the release wasn't entirely smooth. Players immediately reported a number of issues, and a Twitter hashtag #fix2k20 even kicked off and caught steam, with players listing off the issues they experienced with the professional basketball game. Now, the developers...
  5. definitelynotlxm

    Discussion  NBA 2K19 Unlimited VC Glitch ($16,000+/10 minutes)

    Steps: 1. Create a new player in MyCareer. Position: Center Primary Skill: 3pt Shooting Secondary Skill: Shot Creating Height: MAX Weight: Do Not Change Wingspan: MAX When the message pops up asking if you’d like to skip the prelude and go straight to the NBA select YES. 2. Choose a team that...
  6. V

    Discussion  Nba2k19 VC Glitch, Afk 50k an hour.

    Hey guys, as most of you know there is a glitch all over youtube with minutes to zero and playing games to earn about 850 vc a game. This video would run you through it: Anyway, i have worked out how to automate it on Xbox one and make 20k VC an hour. It uses game streaming and a key reader...
  7. Xbox One's Game Pass Service Adds Eight More Games Today

    Xbox One's Game Pass Service Adds Eight More Games Today

    Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix-style subscription service for Xbox One, has added eight more games. February's titles are now available, and they include Halo Wars 2, NBA 2K17, and WWE 2K17. Also new to the catalog this month are Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, Rime, Riptide Renegade GP, and...
  8. T

    Discussion  Looking For Xbox Park Squad Mate for 2v2

    Add me and message me (totallmarine )
  9. E3 2017: NBA Live 18 First Trailer Revealed, Demo Coming In August

    E3 2017: NBA Live 18 First Trailer Revealed, Demo Coming In August

    During its EA Play event today, EA formally announced that the NBA Live series will be making its return later this year with NBA Live 18. While the company is looking to nail the fundamentals of basketball, it's also putting an emphasis on personalization. With NBA Live 18, EA says it hopes to...
  10. Preston Kalai

    Discussion  (HELP) Need 2 players for 3v3s

    Looking for sharpshooters & big men. I am a 94 overall playmaker god with almost 40 badges. Message me on xbox "HersheyG Kiss"
  11. J

    Discussion  NBA 2K17: MyPlayer (Struggling)

    So, though I love 2k17, I am having trouble. I found it way easier in last years 2k to develop your MyPlayer. Right now, i am at a 72 overall sharp shooter shooting guard and just made a 57 overall stretch big power forward. I need an alternative method to "grinding" and half playing the...
  12. Braxx1234

    Discussion  NBA 2K17

    Need real park grinders , mostly need guards Must have 400+ postive record Must have good IQ PSN:Crazyy-_-Camper_ message me on psn saying "GRIND"
  13. TryGamers

    Discussion  NBA 2K17 VR Version Available Revealing 13 New Achievements

    The VR has seen neglection from most sports video games genre till now. 2K sports has announced the release of VR version for NBA 2K17 for the Play Station 4 . The virtual reality version of NBA 2K17 includes series of minigames for $14.99 now available on PlayStation 4, Samsung Gear VR and HTC...
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