1. G

    Unsolved  [Noob] Xbox 360 Logo Stuck, No NAND, XeLL Stuck at TFTP, Please Help!

    Hello friends, I was given a modded console that has been bought / sold multiple times, and finally landed in my hands, by my brother as a gift for Thanksgiving. I have no experience in Xbox 360 modding (although, I have software-modded other consoles), so I'm reaching out to anyone willing to...
  2. L

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 with "Christmas Lights" error

    I have a Xenon Xbox 360 which is displaying the 'Christmas Lights' error. I received the console like this. I opened it up and attempted to dump the NAND/CPU Key in the hope I could just reflash the NAND but it turns out I was not able to recover the CPU key using my JR Programmer. When the...
  3. kitamime

    Unsolved  Slim Corona bad NAND flash!!! Help please!!!

    Ok so I've glitched Xbox 360 consoles before been a while but I have. Ok so I got a Xbox 360 S w/Corona board, 16mb and was using Matrix V3 and JR Programmer and using the newest edition of J-Runner. I successfully read and flashed the NAND but it would t get out of Xell so I decided to flash it...
  4. Ruby

    Tutorial  How To Create A Donor Nand After Losing The Original [Updated 2022]

    Requirements JRunner With Extras is maintained by Octal450 with work from various community members. JRunner has the function to create a donor NAND for any console with only a CPU Key and a LDV (Lockdown Value) of the particular console. How To Locate Lockdown Value LDV can be found by...
  5. silverfox0786

    Unsolved  RGH 3.0 Jasper512mB Error with Nand

    Hey Guys. Decided to try the new RGH3 on my spare Jasper 512mb I installed the JTAG wires and the RGH wires. I read the nands twice. No bad block sand both compared the same. I then added the ECC "RGH3_Jasper64_10mhz.bin" and got this message on JRunner. and when trying to write I further get...
  6. L

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 JTAG Nand reset

    Hi guys, I just brought a Xbox 360 which has a JTAG expolit, I plan on reverting back to the original nand files, by doing this will it bring me back to the orignal dashboard?
  7. J0hn5n02

    Unsolved  *i need help asap plz* (bad nand)

    I tried to update me xbox 360 slim to kernel 17559 so I can play online but I got a frozen screen and red button instead (fixed now) but and still on da old dashboard. Ive forgotten my laptop password and Aint ğot access to a computer to fix my bad nand can someone plz help me i got all the...
  8. D

    Unsolved  Trinity Nand Rebuild From Donor

    Trinity Nand Rebuild I’m trying to rebuild the NAND of a trinity board. I have written the ecc to the board but I can’t seem to get it to boot to xell. My ace v3 has 2 short led and one long led. I have tried a bunch of different timing files from the ace to the srgh files. Install photo
  9. H

    Unsolved  Game Discs not reading, "Play DVD" after upgrading JTAG/RGH to latest 17526

    Hi Pro's, I recently upgraded my 4GB xbox 360 console jtag/rgh to latest 17526 using a youtube tutorial by using flash 360 and XebuildGui.2.0 I also updated my DashLaunch to 3.19 I followed the online tutorials regarding updation of kernel. All my games in HDD seem to be working properly and now...
  10. Fireballdez

    Support  Nintendont Kernel to nand and ios58

    I found a problem when getting nintendont plz help error failed to load Kernel to nand I don't know what that means I just got a a Wii and will changing iOS to 58 in usb loader break my Wii?. How do I do this stuff without breaking ANYTHING . I heard that changing iOS to 58 will break channels...
  11. 0

    Solved  Identifying what Console

    So I have a Xbox 360 Slim but I can't tell whether it is a Corona or Trinity due to the stickers being removed near the ports and power port. For example pic related can give me some info but I can't tell what exactly it is... I'm assuming it's a Corona V1 due to the NAND 16MB on it but I...
  12. D


    I was recently trying to RGH another xbox. Installed the wiring properly and was ready to write the xell image to the console to get the cpu key. But, when I tried to create an ecc image it gave me an error writing the header. I looked it up and people said that it is due to not having the...
  13. X

    Unsolved  boot to xell on fat xbox with an empty nand

    what options do i have to boot to Xell and retrieve the CPU key on a fat Xbox with an empty nand (original dump not available ) , knowing that Xbox was updated with a very new dash? and then use a donor nand to create a freeboot image with the CPU key retrieved.
  14. G

    Solved  Falcon NAND reading problems for RGH1.2

    Hi all, I'm trying to RGH 1.2 my old Falcon with a JR Programmer v2 and X360ACE V3 chip. I'm having weird problems reading and writing NAND with the jrp. I have soldered wires to the NAND but continuing to have strange and variable error codes: J-Runner v0.3 Beta (5) Started Checking...
  15. Csyzr

    Solved  Ace v3 Corona v4 no Xell Lost NAND

    Corona v4 4GB NAND with Post fix v2 adapter and SD Tool V2.2 - Alternate C5R11 'D' point due to lifted pad on R4P4 I lost my original NAND and Im trying to boot xell so I can get my CPU key and continue from there to rebuild my NAND. I've borrowed a public cpu key for corona and built a fake...
  16. R

    Solved  RGH DEMON not booting?

    I had my Dual Nand Working perfectly, both Nands on 17511 when my friend came over and updated the Retail NAND to 17526. Now at first I was able to boot into Xell but not the DEMON NAND, but now after I tried to flash it again with a new hacked NAND, the power button just beeps without turning...
  17. G

    Solved  Dumping nand with arduino ?

    Hello everyone, today i'me here to ask two simple questions : Is it possible to dump the xbox 360 nand with an arduino ? If yes, How to do it ? soldering is not a problem, i have the necessary soldering skills :) My JR Programmer is cominc between October and November (Yeah, it come from...
  18. ROFeQT

    Discussion  How to use JR Programmer v2 to recover XDK

    Hello there, so i bought a J-R programmer v2 to repair my XDK after something happened and it boot froze and i couldn't do anything else on it, after some research i found it could've been a nand problem, so i'm asking if someone can give me a guide or something on how to use this thing and if...
  19. H

    Solved  RGH DVD drive plays DVDs but not Game CDs

    Hey guys, I'm facing an issue with my RGH DVD drive. When I put in a movie DVD or music CD it works perfectly, but when I put in a game disk, it either says Play DVD and then just shows the XBOX logo or says Play Game Disk and comes back to the dashboard. This had started a couple of months...
  20. RemasteredModz

    Unsolved  Clean Nand Flashed

    So i Clean Nand flashed my NAND because i had an Bad block so i really wanted to get it off of my NAND after i did everything it still showed up that i have an Bad block but j- runner didnt detect any and i have another question if you Remap an bad block can it still be detected on my xbox...
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