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    Unsolved Corona V1 Nand-X Flash Config 0x0000000

    I’m trying to glitch my Corona V1 console. Everything has gone done so far. I read the nand 2 times and wrote an ECC file to the console. I tried different timing files with the console since I pulled the ace from a trinity and the og timings were wiped. The chip kept flashing twice and one long...
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    Solved Cant Complete NAND Image XeBuild/JRunner

    Hey I just got a rgh (trinity) about a week ago and I realized that I wasn't on the latest dashboard and tried to update it. Im currently on 17511 and I dumped my NAND following a video on how to update your dashboard on an rgh and when I got into XeBuild i got this error. **** could not read...
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    Solved Trinity RGH Xbox 360 slim

    Hello, this is my first post so I might not be the best BUT I’ve started a project trying to rgh a trinity motherboard with an ace v3 glitch chip and an lpt connector (for reading nand and other tasks that require computer connection). For some reason when I try to create my nand dumps, my Xbox...
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    Solved Cant Fix Bad Block in NAND

    So i tried to update to the latest Dashboard and was trying to Write my newly updated NAND to my Xbox after i did that my xbox said it detected a Bad Block after that i did my research how to fix it so i first Tried J-Runner to Move the Bad Block somewhere else but My xbox still detected the...
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    Solved J-runner Flash Config 0x00000000 and Unable to Read Files

    I need help. I've had this Jasper for about a year now and i still cant get it to work. I gave up on it for a long time and just decided i wanted to finish it but I cant. I've re soldered the connection points 7 times, updated drivers, searched through forums, and I still cant get an answer. I'm...
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    Solved Xbox 360 trinity viper dual NAND won’t read nand

    Just finished installing the viper dual NAND and when I plugged in my Nand-x I got an error when I pressed ?. I also get it when trying to write the NAND. The error is Checking console Version: 00 Wrong version Cannot continue. When I try to write NAND Trinity Glitch2 selected Nand...
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