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    Solved N64 emulator .xex

    Im looking for an N64 emulator in .xex format, I can use mupen63 and run it through aurora file manager but I want it to be launchable through the cover flow, can this be done failing there being an .xex for it
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    Unsolved Does anyone know how to run an n64 emulator on an xdk and if there is any pc98 emulator?

    I think the title says it all, i want to know if there is any way of running n64 games on an xdk because i know of surreal but for that one you need to have that rgh launcher thing because i can't run .elf files, a xbox 360 mod launcher and an xdk don't go too well together. And the second thing...
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    Solved N64 Emulator help

    now I searched and I need to launch the N64 xell and I heard it could break your xbox 360. does it really break the xbox 360 can you not use it anymore and wont turn on or does it still work and I can retry the N64 xell Please I need to Know please and thanks
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