1. Fey


    hosting a free mw3 xp lobby message " N TAKE R WOMEN " for a invite will do it for an hour and when you get in please post some good rep so i can keep posting for free XP lobbies in the future. YOUTUBE PROOF: PROOF -----------------
  2. RayZer

    Tools  Hard Launcher | by RayZer (In progress...)

    Salut a tous! Hi everybody! Aujourd'hui je vous présente mon Hard Launcher Xbox360 ! Today I present my Xbox360 Hard Launcher ! Il est encore en cours de développement ! It is still under development ! Il est en Auto Mise à Jour, Et sera mis à jour et amélioré au maximum possible ! he is in...
  3. Elit3gamer180

    MW3 LiVE W/ ELIT3 #10

    Hey squad! Itz episode 10 of LiVE W/ ELIT3 on MW3…..I rock out with da G36C and cap flags for dayz on Dom. Let me tell y'all somein: dis gameplay is JAM PACKED with CRAZINESS! Explosions ,EMPs, enemies backing out, enemy killing me left & right, people talking, somewhat rage, people swearing, U...
  4. Slvr99

    Tutorial  Never Before Seen Hidden Weapons!

    I got bored one day and decided to go snooping through the MW3 weapons again. I actually found these weapons that nobody has found yet so I'm showing them off here! =D None of these were obtained with hacking, they all exist in the files. The only hacks used were a few commands to let me give...
  5. Chaos

    Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. When you have received your offer, please edit your post saying "RESOLVED". Name- Position/Role - Availability- Preferred console- Contact method- Time Zone- Name- Latios Role- Recorder...
  6. Wolvesaywe

    MW2 & MW3 Sniping Clan Recruiting

    We are a new team called xSyn and we are recruiting!! What we are looking for... Trickshotters/Quickscopers/Feeders Editors/Recorders Message either xSyn Feedz or xSyn Quadz for a trial.
  7. B


    Hey guys Im looking for a team to help me reach a MOAB. Anyone who joins the team must have a mic and should be good and know how to get one. Whoever joins can also go for a moab... We can Help each other out. (Im lvl 28 because i got banned and im much better. My banned account was p.8 lvl72)...
  8. FatalCrash HDK

    Tutorial  Classe Names Privates Match

    Hi everyone I share this little tool you because I think that people did it and that 's still useful ! Goodbyes Se7ensins :* Download: Vscan...
  9. El bassredeemer

    MW3 3rd Person Private Lobbies

    Hosting 3rd Person private matches to play for fun. If anyone who likes 3rd person that wants an invite, message my GamerTag: Bassredeemer
  10. Pulse

    Open 24/7 | Order @ - Auto-Buy!| Prestige, Stats, Tokens, Modded Classes, +More! I am still making edits to this thread. If you want to order automatically by filling out a form with everything you want, your account information, and your billing information, go to and scroll down to the MW3 packages and checkout! Your order...
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