1. G

    Ghosts BO3 WWII  - Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting !

    Guerrilla Gamers is recruiting !. GGC is a brand NEW clan.. lets be honest- it sucks playing with randoms that dont even have mics lol.. you want to Be sure that you have a good team to play. I am the leader of a NEW cod clan called " Guerrilla Gamers" and im looking for members to join...
  2. XenonHDx

    Tools  Mw3 NxH Tool

    Mw3 NxH Tool: i cleaned up my pc and i found this which i had lying around for about 2 or 3 years now. Download:!2BpQ3KjL!gNUGFuLRcziUcTBzt8DKmxQMQNMWmnBuaknBYOREMeA VirusTotal...
  3. B

    Solved  MW3 mods

    Im wanting to put some mods for mw3 if anyone can tell me how to do so. Dont have a modded xbox also needing help with that too lol. Just wanna have some fun a bit with mods and all. If anyone can help point me in right direction or link me with some tutorials thatd be awesome thanks!
  4. xGamer7777x


  5. Sammy Duncan

    Solved  Mod menu with force host

    Hi, I have a mod menu for MW3 at the moment but can’t use it in any mulitplayer games as I’m not host. Are there any free mod menus( not tools) that I can use to force host. Thanks
  6. V

    Unsolved  Help With Banned console please <3 xbox360

    my console got banned i am trying to uban it, please help and just to let you know i changed the kv but nothing happened, i am using the free xballin stealth server, and also if you know how to the matrixx mod menu for mw3 please also help me with that,, thanxxxx
  7. xI M4IsBack Iv

    Mw3 Xapia Lobby

    Welcome To M4IsBack Modded Lobbies Rules 1 don't tell me what to do like (cohost, starting the game and adding you) 2 please don't spam me 3 have fun and inv your friends 4 Be nice to other people
  8. ConnorMods

    Tools  [Release] Connors XP Lobby Tool

    Today i am releasing my XP Lobby tool.:smile: This tool has everything you need to host XP lobbies on the latest patch. Please do not crack/take credit for this tool. If anyone would like the source code for this tool feel free to message me and i will help you out. :biggrin: If you have...
  9. D

    Solved  Deranked how do I fix it?

    I was just deranked on mw3 I had everything unlocked with godmode classes and I don’t know what to do :( can anyone help?
  10. xI M4IsBack Iv

    MW3 Xenium Menu

    Welcome To M4IsBack Modded Lobbies Rules 1 don't tell me what to do like (cohost, starting the game and adding you) 2 please don't spam me 3 have fun and inv your friends 4 Be nice to other people HOW TO JOIN Send my gt a friends request or private chat and join my game
  11. A

    MW3 Destruction V1 Fun Lobby (Unlock all)

    GT: Far Aiir STATUS: Offline - Will be online tomorrow RULES: 1. No playing music, screaming, etc. in your mic. 2. Don't tell the host (me) when to start. I will start when I am ready 3.No aimbot, EB, or earthquakes. You will be kicked! 4. Don't spam me with messages. My lobby should be...
  12. GSC_Cookies

    MW2 Blue Sky 3.1 | OPEN

    Gamertag: vhjg Open/close: knife then left dpad Rules: no spamming, dont ask or cohost, dont constant noclip. Closed
  13. S

    Solved  Mw3 mod menu, help

    So basically I was playing mw3 on my Xbox 360 when I found 2 hackers in tdm, after leaving the game I saw "Destruction V1 by XBOX360LSBEST" below "Your Nat type". So I was wondering how to open it or use it in a game? Or is it just to advertise to me?
  14. T

    Mw3 online

    Looking to play mw3 and other cods GT: ThumperxDumper
  15. XtractMods

    Solved  Can not read 'imagefile2' (MW2) (RGH)

  16. P

    MW3  Add me on PS3, id like to join a sniping clan or make some games ourselves with snipers only.

    if anybody would also like to have some fun and even get better at quickscoping or just troll around in some online matches (bo1/bo2/mw3) let me know or add me in game.
  17. B

    Unsolved  Nothing happens when i click a game mode for multiplayer

    I'm trying to get online with MW3. i can play private match just fine, but when i go to public match, i click a game mode and nothing happens. fix?
  18. Esilious

    Unsolved  Can't Join Matches | Latest TU with Gold

    Okay so Im trying play MW3 but I do not have the option to choose find match. I have the Latest TU (1.8.602.1) and I have XBL. I assume it is because my NAT is strict. But it seems infinityward isnt opening anyones NAT anymore... Please Help.
  19. xGamer7777x


  20. Torrent

    MW3 MW2 BO  Looking for Quick Scopers & Trick Shotters ~ PL CLAN ~

    Newly created clan PL Premium Labs Recruiting Average to Skilled snipers on: MW2 MW3 & BO1 PL clan needs to be active (Online at least once every two days) Must be 15+ (No Squeekers) Made to have fun and play well Pm me for an interview (Must be able to change GamerTag, Stay active, Be funny)
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