1. V


    *OPEN* Add/Message me on xbox to get invited. Gamertags: Vertizins + RJ RAPS XP Lobbies to get full level on whatever call of duty you play. Infections to your account (Unlock all + all camos etc.) Superman / SS BILLCAM lobbies | Trickshot lobbies | Azza (Fake clips with matchbonus) Fun...
  2. L

    Unsolved  RGH support plz

    Hello s7 When I load mw2 on my rgh it loads up fine but when I go on multiplayer sometimes my profile doesn’t load and I can’t find a game online it says 0 players online. Mw3 keeps auto updating when I open it and black ops 2 fatal crashes :/ well... does anymore know how to fix these issues...
  3. xGamer7777x


  4. T

    Unsolved  80010017

    I’ve recently purchased my 2nd jail broken ps3, I jailbroke my first one myself a few years ago just didn’t want to go through the hassle again. So anyway, I downloaded Cod MW3 off the PlayStation store. I allowed the game to installed, and I clicked it to get in the game and get prompted with...
  5. Wearycalf44

    (Open) Mw3 destruction v1 all client menu

    Welcome to ThePlugs Modded lobbys Unlock All just so you're all aware to unlock all attachments you have to set up classes in custom game using overkill in all classes, you do not need to add any attachments and it will unlock for the guns set up. if you want attachments for all weapons you...
  6. L

    Solved  Mw3 update loop help?

    Hi,I’m on the latest TU and when I load the default_mp.xex it keeps updating on a loop anyone know how to fix this issue?
  7. G


    XRPC TOOL BY XBOX360LSBEST v 3.0.3 is not working at all as of TU 24 Smokey xKoVx's Multi Tool v2.5 Most things are working as of TU24 Except Unlock all. Note unlock all will work for most things but not emblems & TITLE CARDS. If you click on unlock all you will get that error from above...
  8. T

    Mw3 Boost Lobby

    We do 2-3 Games at a time, since I don’t have tactical insertions yet, I’ll do 2 games and you get three in return and we keep the pattern going. Xbox one Gamertag Janitor Salary
  9. G

    Free mw3 60000 xp per kill lobby & gold guns

    Status lobby is closed The lobby is closed till later. My stealth server expired. SO unfortunately you will need to find a new host. I have done around 50+ members of se7ensins & Non member's the other day... Thanks for joining my lobby :smile: I hope some of the non member's join se7ensins...
  10. ItsSilentShots

    Discussion  Modded menus for jtag.

    Hello im purchasing a jtag from sharkycustoms and they have a list of menus to pick from and these are the 5 I want but I don't know much about them or even if they are up to date. Would anyone people take their times and tell me the best one out of each game is or even there isn't one that's on...
  11. itsZeeKs

    MW3 Unlock all - challenge lobby - God Mode/Jug - Fun Lobbies!

    Hello everyone, I'm back with hosting for S7; HOST GT: Zeek1s CO-Host GT: Shane26301 Game: MW3 - All client mod menu Status: Closed Send private chat and join session when available! - Leave after you get your stuff! RULES: DO NOT SPAM TUBES, Join - Get verified, Get rank/infects/unlock all -...
  12. X

    Modern Warfare 3 || Destruction V1

    DESTRUCTION V1 cracked! Welcome! To celebrate Destruction V1 by XBOX360LSBEST, we want to host a rankup lobby! Please read everything before joining the lobby. Status: Rules: How to join: Gamer Tags: Proof:
  13. DexzL

    D.V1 - MW3 All Client Mod Menu - Offline

    How To Join Private Chat to "" Post your Gamertag below Once you've joined the lobby. -------------------------------------------------------- Can My Friends Join? Yes, post their Gamertag below. -------------------------------------------------------- Important Spamming will result in a lobby...
  14. HankHill1966

    HankHill1966's Modded MW3 Lobbies

    *PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE JOINING!* My Xbox Live Gamertag: HankHillS7Lobby Hosting Status OFFLINE RULES 1. Don't use the "Trickshot Menu" 2. Don't call in MOAB's or any kill streaks. 3. Don't use the "Spawning Menu" 4. Failure to follow the rules will result in a de-rank and a ban from my...
  15. McDoob

    Destruction Mod Menu Lobby / Unlock All / Max Prestige / Mod Menu

    Closed New GT down below How to Join : Send friend Request If full send private chat invite Join session in progress For xbox one users press start and select at the same time to pull up xbox 360 menu Rules: Join and set whatever you want Let people who actually need it join Post Legit...
  16. sketchers

    Matrix Menu | Any Prestige 0-21 | UNLOCK ALL

    **POST LEGIT** - Status - OPEN - Gamertag - zSketchers - Mod Menu - Matrix Menu - How to join - send me a private chat or a message - Proof -
  17. xGamer7777x

    Video  CALL OF DUTY MW3 IN 2018

  18. GSC_Cookies


    I Am Hosting Mw3 Insta 80 And Unlock All Lobbies, How It Will Work: Get The Menu, Set Ur Level and unlock All And Back Out ** UNLOCK ALL DOES NOT GIVE PRO PERKS ** Status: [ CLOSED ] Proof: Rules: 1.Join Game Set Ur Rank And Back Out...
  19. DonQModz

    Discussion  MW3 is now Backwards Compatible

    File Size 10.7 GB Source:
  20. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

    CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

    There's been little news on the Xbox One backwards compatibility front as of late, but with E3 in the rear-view mirror, it's time for something new. Microsoft has announced a new addition to the BC lineup, and it's a pretty big one in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Major Nelson confirmed the...
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