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    Free MW3 XP Lobby/Unlock All (OPEN) XBOX 360/XBOX ONE

    Hello Everyone its been a long time since i hosted a lobby for 7s or at all for that matter hopefully it provides you all some XP and some kind of enjoyment! I Have some rules Rules: 1. Add Or Private Chat Invite Me To Join (However its unlikely ill join/add you its the easiest way for you to...
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    Unsolved HELP! MW3 "No Games Found" Error????

    I am having a problem joining any type of online game on MW3 for xbox 360. I am using an RGH Trinity 2.0 with ninja stealth. It just keeps saying "No Games found" even tho it says there is 780,000 players online total. Everything works fine on Black Ops 2 so i really don't get it..... PS: If...
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    |Xbox One & Xbox 360| Free xp Lobby MW3

    How To Join: 1. Post your Gamertag & that you agree to the rules 2. Wait for me to add you or Join Session! Once in the lobby, get a kill and you will be level 80 instantly then post legit :wink: and back out prestige and repeat Rules: (Don't follow them you will be warned once. Fail to...
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    Unsolved Rgh help

    I got a RGH it has gold on the account I'm not spoofing any type of gold I can't find no lobbies on MW3 MW2 Black Ops 2 in GTA V I got a damn good internet connection reset my router open my ports still nothing I don't use crack menus I use paid menus I don't use free stealth servers I use only...
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    Unsolved How to Get Mods on MW3 For Mac

    anybody on here know how to get mw3 mods on mac? i have wine/wineskin and a windows emulator is too much work for my macbook. thanks in advance. edit: even if its just a max prestige save or something would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)
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    Unsolved Plugin mod menus dont load after xbox update

    Originally I had MaDakas c*** for mw3 and was trying out jiggy menu on gta v, it was all working fine before the system update 17544... I know my plugins are correct☄ Plugin1 : xbdm xex Plugin2 : stealth Plugin3 : jrpc2 Plugin4 : rpc Plugin5: menu.xex☄ Now I'm sort of new to this but I knew what...
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    Redbox’s MW3 Cohost Lobbies

    GT: OGRedbox 17526 Status: OPEN Rules: 1. No Hate 2. No spamming messages To keep lobbies like this going, 14 Day Gold Trials are greatly appreciated, but not required :) PROOF:
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    Modded lobby! (Give yourself xp or just enjoy the menu)

    HEY EVERYBODY, DOCTORLYMODZ IS BACK lol i missed u guys too lol i will be hosting a modded lobby FOR U GUYS ❤❤ THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT☺ STATUS: CLOSED!!! GT: THREAD RULES: PLEASE COMMENT LEGIT PLEASE GIVE A THUMBS UP CoHost: (Treat him with respect) PROOF:
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    Tutorial How To Do Remote Recoveries BO1 / MW3 2019

    It has been brought to our attention that people are selling remote recovery tools on BO1 and MW3. XBOX360LSBEST gave me the ok to release this so here ya go. We don't like it being sold because people are literally selling just an XUID Spoofer and ripping people off. How To Do This: 1. Sign...
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    MW3 (Open)|Max Rank|Any Prestige|Unlock All|Max Prestige Tokens|Colored Classes|

    if i need more dm me to let me know
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    MW3 Modded Lobby - Unlock All/Choose Prestige

    Hosting a modded lobby in MW3 for Xbox 360/One Message me on Xbox for an invite Left D-Pad to open menu Select "Force Save Stats" for Account Menu selections to stick, It will kick you after selecting it Have fun:smile: GT: ComicWind255924 Proof:
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    *CLOSED* MW3 Unlock All/Any Prestige/Max Tokens/AUG Class (All Client Menu)

    FREE LOBBY STATUS: CLOSED Hosting again 3/13/19 12AM EST LEFT DPAD = OPEN/CLOSE MENU (X) to Select (B) to go Back Must Select "Force Save Stats" for Account Menu selections to stick! NOTE: Force Stats kicks you from the game POST GT FOR INVITE
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    *OPEN* Add/Message me on xbox to get invited. Gamertags: Vertizins + RJ RAPS XP Lobbies to get full level on whatever call of duty you play. Infections to your account (Unlock all + all camos etc.) Superman / SS BILLCAM lobbies | Trickshot lobbies | Azza (Fake clips with matchbonus) Fun...
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    Unsolved RGH support plz

    Hello s7 When I load mw2 on my rgh it loads up fine but when I go on multiplayer sometimes my profile doesn’t load and I can’t find a game online it says 0 players online. Mw3 keeps auto updating when I open it and black ops 2 fatal crashes :/ well... does anymore know how to fix these issues...
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    Unsolved 80010017

    I’ve recently purchased my 2nd jail broken ps3, I jailbroke my first one myself a few years ago just didn’t want to go through the hassle again. So anyway, I downloaded Cod MW3 off the PlayStation store. I allowed the game to installed, and I clicked it to get in the game and get prompted with...
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    (Open) Mw3 destruction v1 all client menu

    Welcome to ThePlugs Modded lobbys Unlock All just so you're all aware to unlock all attachments you have to set up classes in custom game using overkill in all classes, you do not need to add any attachments and it will unlock for the guns set up. if you want attachments for all weapons you...
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    Solved Mw3 update loop help?

    Hi,I’m on the latest TU and when I load the default_mp.xex it keeps updating on a loop anyone know how to fix this issue?
  19. G


    XRPC TOOL BY XBOX360LSBEST v 3.0.3 is not working at all as of TU 24 Smokey xKoVx's Multi Tool v2.5 Most things are working as of TU24 Except Unlock all. Note unlock all will work for most things but not emblems & TITLE CARDS. If you click on unlock all you will get that error from above...
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    Mw3 Boost Lobby

    We do 2-3 Games at a time, since I don’t have tactical insertions yet, I’ll do 2 games and you get three in return and we keep the pattern going. Xbox one Gamertag Janitor Salary
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