mw3 mod menu

  1. Numerous x

    Smokey xKoVx SummerBass V1 Mod Menu

    If the game automatically kicks you befor menu done then be sure to reset your game and the join back when my lobby open then do as it says below thanks Yapper. Step one. Privet chat me(GT- cG o Yapper) Step Two. Join my session in progress Step Three. Go split screen start the game and it...
  2. Maysuhnnn

    MW3 | Unlock All | 20th Prestige | FREE

    Status: OFFLINE Gamertag: Zalroh CoHost: None To enter my lobby you must: - private chat to join - Comment your GT - Post legit once you're in Instruction: - Join my lobby and send me a message choosing your prestige , you can only get 10th , 20th or 21st - NOTE! *Spam will result in...
  3. Obey

    Obey's ✔️MW3 XP Lobby ✔️Verified Lobby ✔️ Online! ✔️

    Status: Offline Gamertag: To enter my lobby you must: - Send me a friend request or private chat to join - Comment your GT - Post legit once you're in Instruction: - Once you've joined, you'll receive 50k XP then once you've been kicked, join back for more. - Rejoin as many times as you'd...
  4. madrussianT34

    Unsolved  How do I obtain and use a mod menu online?

    Hey guys, I have no prior game modding experience, but am a decent programmer and relatively computer-savvy. I would like to be able to use a mod menu online in MW3 with the ability to get infinite killstreaks, godmode, etc. Like I said, I have no prior knowledge of doing this. Can somebody...
  5. HackersFriend

    Old wii harddisk mods [MW3] [BO1]

    why cant you play online with the .ff mod menu can you bypass it ?
  6. chuychg

    Solved  I have some problems with mods of mw3?

    Well 2 days ago i bought some mods for mw3(god/invisibly) but i modify the classes like i change the gun and in other class i change the death strike and i cant use anymore the god mod anymore with that class , can someone please help me? and another problem is that when im in godd mode they...
  7. ImOx

    Tutorial  How To Fix MW3 Data Is Incompatible Error [Step-By-Step] [Jtag/RGH]

    So, people are still having this problem, and the fix is simple, but some people don't understand it, so I thought I'd make this step-by-step tutorial so you will get this fixed for sure. Extract the .rar and now you should have 46 files. So just transfer all these files to your MW3...
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