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    Mod Menu  [Preview] Blue Sky 4.5 (For TU9)

    Firstly, I would like to thank the following people who made this menu for MW2. Credit / Greets to the following people: Twain TreyZ1337 nicholasbroo (myself for updating each particular function). Original post for Tu8...
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    Mw2 Unlock All Lobby/ Mod Menu Lobby

    Hello Sinner's So I present you a Mw2 Unlock All Lobby/ Mod Menu Lobby I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, and still play them. The Three Menu's Below Matrix Menu on on iw, which cost's money so i wont always be using those. come join...
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    Google Bing's Free old school Call of duty Services

    Hello Sinner's So I present you Google Bing Call Of Duty Service's. I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, and still play them. So with that being said this is what i offer.. Also anyone that owns a rgh and wants to play old Mw2 tu6 menus...
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    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | Smooth Slide (GSC) Mod Menu

    LOBBY STATUS : Offline MOD MENU : Supremacy Hello everyone! I joined the community years ago but I just recently got my own Jtag! So I thought it would be fun to host a mod menu lobby and see if any of you guys would like to come check it out! My gamertag is: MiniatureTulip4 Add as a friend...
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    Tools  MW2 TU9 Tool for RGH Release

    Something I been working on for the community all credits are on the tool. The tool is not finished yet Special thanks to Davide :rolleyes: virus scan: There is false detection due...
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    Unsolved  Freezing Issue's & unable to connect to people on games! [JTAG]

    Hey guy's I recently decided to dust off my Old Jtag due to the whole No KV mode & free online being so readily available now a day's I was super excited to get back into it but I'm having these really odd & annoying problem's everytime I try & connect to the Online on Modern Warfare 2 it...
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    Solved  Need help with Destruction V1

    Hello, im having issues with Destruction V1 on my rgh. When i start up the console the destruction v1 notification pops up saying it is authed, however it does not come up that it is launched when i load up MW2. Destruction V1 is in plugin 5. Here are my plugins in dashlaunch in order. plugin1...
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    Unsolved  New to having a RGH help please!!!

    So I just recently bought a rgh and need help trying to set up a mod menu for mw2. I tried one and went online and the moment I did it said I needed to update my game when I already did that. And then I’m seeing not ever mod menu is the same. Like the way to install it is different like someone...
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    Discussion  I GOT FROZEN

    Ok. First of all my gamer tag is : LONESOME666. I’m on xbox360. I was playing MW2 when someone cut me off from the lobby and took me from lv 50 1st prestige to lv 70 10th prestige. Now if I try to join a lobby or open my classes my Xbox would freeze. I read something about it and some of you...
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    Unsolved  Can’t access my Classes please help

    Somebody hacked my MW2 where I freeze out of the game everytime I try to access my classes or join a team. I don’t know how to fix it, can someone please help. GT ToXiC Lacrosse
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    Pigeon Mods - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Prestige / Unlock all lobby V5

    LOBBY STATUS : Online CURRENT MOD MENU : IKonroi V5 This is my 5th S7 lobby - going to try doing more of these. How to join? Send a msg saying 7sins (I will inv you in the lobby). Once in my lobby please post legit and you're gamertag so i can then go ahead and give you the menu if you do...
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    MW2 Class Fix Xbox 360 / Xbox One

    STATUS: CLOSED :( IF STATUS SAYS CLOSED THAT MEANS I'M NOT HOSTING This is for Xbox 360, And Xbox One. How will this work? You join my game and once you are in I will start the game, DO NOT PICK A CLASS / TEAM, PRESS B ONCE IT POPS UP. I will unfreeze your classes, and it will kick you out...
  13. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER | E3 | 2020

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER | E3 | 2020

    Call of duty Modern warfare 2 OFFICIAL trailer for 2020
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    Solved  MW2 crashed by hacker

    Hi guys, so to cut a long story short some need decided to crash my MW2 cause I was beating him. So now my MW2 crashes whenever I load it up in my profile, can a modder (Xbox 360/one) please unfreeze the account for me please and thanks.
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    Unsolved  FROZE CLASSES

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    Discussion  MW2 RCE TU9 SRC!

    Hello there, Since Blasts Mods released a working version of rce on TU9 a while ago, and now it is "patched" with the latest xbox 360 dashboard, im releasing my code for it. I hope someone learns something new, just like how i did with the old Sabotage's PoC release :smile: SRC: Enjoy and...
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    Unsolved  Destruction v1 freezes when i choose a option on MW2

    Hi, so I was using my destruction v1 mod menu on MW2, (paid) and when I choose an option, it's fine and when I use another after 3 or so seconds it freezes forcing me to turn off my rgh. Any ideas.
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    Solved  MW2, NiNJA Gold?

    Evening all, Just got NiNJA up and running, was wondering if i need an actual Gold account to play MW2 online, or does NiNJA spoof it? Been awhile since so...
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    Unsolved  Cant access online gameplay

    Here's the problem I have, Iv got mw2 downloaded on my rgh and i can play system link, private games etc. Now when I attempt to join a public lobby it cycles through the ping and at each one it says 'no games found'. Iv tried using ninja and now iv got ***********, iv got no plugins setup eg mod...
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    Unsolved  Frozen classes fix? 360

    Anyone able to help fix my frozen classes? Would be greatly appreciated. GT is ArniePalmees
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