5 star run of a classic Guitar Hero 2 bonus song! yes, i am bringing back guitar hero with several videos of high score runs coming soon. this guitar hero clone also supports multiplayer pvp and coop for anyone interested in doing some songs together or going for an old fashion duel.
  2. avnisharma65123

    1. Windows
    Garageband alternatives for PC (Windows 10)

    I love the sound and recording features of garageband. Is there a way I can use it on my Windows PC? The sound output is seen better than my Vox headphone mini amp but can’t seem to figure out a way to have garageband on windows.
  3. Bloxsy


    KDAR reborn! We're Back In Action! F.A.Q Q) How do I join the money drop? A) Add me and wait for an invite Q) Is there a chance of me getting banned after collecting modded money? A) No, there is not! The only way You can get banned is by the reporting system. Just be sure You won't report...
  4. NpK Studios

    Video  Old Town Road - Lil Nas X Music Video

    Hey all! New video CBA to make a caption
  5. J

    PS4  Actors needed for a quick Music Video Machinima! PS4 GMT

    I'm looking to shoot a music video and for some scenes I'll need more characters than myself. I'm hoping to "film" this week I'll need 4 maybe 5 other people who are on PS4 and would be ok following fairly mundane orders, I imagine it'll be alot of "walk to this spot and pull out a handgun"...
  6. NpK Studios


    Hey all so here is a new video we have put out and we hope you look at this thread and watch the video. It would also be very appreciated if you could leave a ratin and tell us how we could improve or if we did well, what you liked most about it
  7. ThatOneStruggler

    Video  New Music Video

    Keane is a British band known for songs such as Everybody's Changing and Somewhere Only We Know. Today I've finished the GTA music video of Somewhere Only We Know and would like you guys here at Se7enSins to see it. Please give me feedback good or bad so I know how I can improve on future videos.
  8. Malcolm McCormick

    Need music downloader

    This older gentleman at my workplace wants me to put music onto his mp3 player. I'm looking for a music downloader program that is safe. I used to use MP3 Rocket, but I don't know if it's safe still or flooded with viruses and whatnot. What program do you guys suggest?
  9. Microsoft Is Ending Groove Music, Here's What You Need To Know

    Microsoft Is Ending Groove Music, Here's What You Need To Know

    Given Microsoft's partnership with music-streaming giant Spotify, this was probably inevitable--and now it's confirmed. Microsoft said today that it will end support for its music service, Groove Music, at the end of the year. After December 31, 2017, the Groove Music app will lose of its core...
  10. Krokodil

    Show Off  G-Eazy "Glitch"

    Went for a glitch piece with a grunge scratch for eyes. It's just a basic poster design inspired by his song "I Mean It". It's a pretty sloppy piece tbh but it was just done quickly and didn't care about error. Click here for the picture.
  11. toofaces2


    Hallo Se7ensins, Carty is a BIG Text Generator & Generate Big Text art signs easy to use. installation is not needed! Copy & Paste the marked signs in where you want Download (1.66mb) WinXP,Vista,Win7,Win8 Virus Scan credit: fsymbols(site owner), toofaces2 (tool)
  12. toofaces2

    [RELEASE] Se7ensins Music Player

    Hello Se7ensins, how about a Se7ensins Music Player? Very light and small Player - 2,21mb Works on all Audio formats** Special With Se7ensins Theme*** Minimize Option Play in Backround* Save/Load Playlist Shuffle & Volume +/- Portable* No installation required** Download - 2.21mb Virus...
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