1. Aaron12123311


    i am looking for a team to boost with if you want to my gt is the executionR1
  2. Bhando

    Solved  Mods for machinima

    I couldn't find anything via search, so I thought I'd just ask... I'm riding with an MC in GTA Online. After we saw some cool machinimas from other crews, we really thought it would be cool to have our own movies made, showing off our MC. A lot of machinimas obviously use animations that...
  3. H

    Open FFA game Trickshot Last

    I am hosting a 8 man sniper Free For All Game on infinite warfare Rules: 1. Need mic 2. No Screaming or Yelling if so kicked 3. Snipe till last and then trickshot 4. Don't dog the game even if you hit marker 5. Have fun MSG: Hale Alpha for an invite
  4. I

    WAW Infection Lobby : Project Cinema v1 Jinx

    Infection Lobby: Closed Menu: Project Cinema (Credit : CFW) How to get in: Send me a message saying infect me please, i will invite you GT: vUskoa Steps: 1- Ill invite you, join 2- Back out and go to split screen and start the match, it should kick you out 3- Message me invite again and i...
  5. Luna

    Solved  Cant find games

    So for the past 2 days i have been trying to find games on bo2, and i just cant see why its not working, i accidentally deleted my bo2 and downloaded the bo2 files that ImOx put a download for in his bo2 thread and once i downloaded everything and tried to play bo2 i just couldn't find games. i...
  6. Modder v7

    Solved  Where to Begin For Modding GTA: IV and V for Online Play?

    Hello everyone. I'll try to be as brief as I can. I have been for a long time mostly a PC player and have barely done any "hard modding" on consoles. The extent I've gone to is gamesave modding. Well, I'd like to go a bit further and look into modding GTA: IV or V on my old Xbox 360 console...
  7. xGamer7777x

    Video  Modern Warfare Remastered Funny Moments (Shipment Spawns, This Map Sucks, Big YouTuber Joins Lobby?)

  8. L

    Modded Open Lobby ADD Gravity-_-Lyric

    Add Gravity-_-Lyric and I will add you and invite you to the lobby :biggrin: PS3 ONLY CALL OF DUTY 4 MODERN WARFARE
  9. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Dark Souls 3 [#12] Co-op LP |UNDEAD SETTLEMENT (/) (°,,°) (/)

    DARK SOULS 3 # 12 (/) (°,,°) (/) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been alittle bit since I've cycled back to Dark Souls 3 but finally...
  10. Chaos

    Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. When you have received your offer, please edit your post saying "RESOLVED". Name- Position/Role - Availability- Preferred console- Contact method- Time Zone- Name- Latios Role- Recorder...
  11. OxenGaming

    Working  *NEW*High Door Ledge on EVAC! - Easy to do Multiplayer Glitch on Evac! (Black ops 3)

    Step 1: Line up with the corner of the door. Step 2: Boost jump upwards. Step 3: Run forward while jumping. Step 4: It takes many attempts but you'll get it :)
  12. Tereza

    PC  Blizzard's MOBA, it's casual, free, and there's a Christmas event

    For a MOBA, it has a nice non toxic community, it's easy to get into as the mechanics are simplified. If you're into collecting things, they sure got that, but the gaming aspect of it is all free. The Christmas event can give you free stuff right now, and also free heroes and items if you use my...
  13. The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Announced for January 21st

    The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Announced for January 21st

    Indie studio Q-Games have announced the upcoming beta for their new online sandbox game, The Tomorrow Children. The game offers a unique experience where players must work together in order to save what's left of the human race from complete annihilation. Players will need to use teamwork to...
  14. TheLegitGaming

    Adapt Recruitment! (Open!) Black Ops 3 Zombies & Multiplayer!

    We are Recruiting for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies and Multiplayer, There will be divisions that you would be entitled in when you apply on the website of Adapt! If you are interested please comment down below or go on to my website that you would have to signup to in-order to get in a...
  15. F

    F1RE COD CLAN (XB1 and PS4)

    Hello! Happy to have you reading this pal. There's a few things you need in order to join F1RE. - A working mic. - A KD ration of .85. PRIVATE MESSAGE me or post on here if you would like to join
  16. Su AriZonaa

    Mod Menu  [Preview] "Supreme" Multiplayer Mod Menu

    This is currently a Multiplayer mod menu build I am working on for Call of Duty: World at War. This WILL be released but, I have yet to put a timeframe of completion since it's a work in progress. This will be a little thanks to everyone who still sticks around CoD WaW. P.S. Moving onto a...
  17. OfficialFFG

    Video  HARDCORE IS BULLSH*T!!|Black Ops 3 Multiplayer!

    Hey there guys and gals! Today I bring you a video of me playing a couple of rounds on Hardcore Team Deathmatch on the new Black ops 3! Hardcore is crazy at times its impossible if your not tactical and unfortunately that's something I am not. If you enjoyed the video then be sure to show some...
  18. Freakyman97

    Solved  BO3 multiplayer on PS3

    Can't get into any game, I'm getting into lobbys with people. But the game never starts. Anyone else got this issue? I'm on ps3
  19. Experience Brutal Multiplayer Combat in Death Before Dishonor

    Experience Brutal Multiplayer Combat in Death Before Dishonor

    Get ready to experience brutal, colosseum-based combat in Dorado Games’ new title, Death Before Dishonor. A violent game featuring real-time combat with gladiators. Players will be able to utilize anything from swords, shields, tridents, and more to bash and skewer their opponents in intense...
  20. Alltime Gaming

    Video  Is this the best multiplayer halo?

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