1. Meltifing

    Looking for Multiplayer and Zombies level 1000

    My Gamertag is GKS Slays thank you if you can help me!
  2. Underground SnD

    Underground SnD

    SnD underground map without deaths
  3. Insane Army Ranger Sniping | Dolphin dive clip | MWII

    Insane Army Ranger Sniping | Dolphin dive clip | MWII

    had to put the OG theme on for this one boys, after turning on a sweatball and extinguishing a camper/tourist i hit the dolphin dive to escape enemy fire in true heroic fashion, nailing another charlie in the process right as he catches view of me


    Full breakdown at end of video, circling flashbang right before contact with my face. 1/10,000 chance at least. probably bigger odds. Using several mods in the video if you don't recognize a gun :>
  5. nicholasbroo

    Discussion  Release | Assembly for Halo Infinite | Research tool | TU8

    Because this thread is dead. I'm going to leave this here for future research. Please look into the blam: GetTagWithFastTags. We made a tool for Halo Infinite on the flights that would work like assembly would and find pointers based on the ID's and the Tag_list's. I'm hoping this will give...
  6. ElHaveCito

    Tutorial  [Black ops 3] How to set up zm/mp camos, gubblegums, reticles and more Xbox 360 (NO JTAG/RGH)

    No need jtag or rgh, this are usb mods can be used offline or in lan with xkai for example, since we dont know how to mod online without rgh or jtag. First of all, this is discovered thanks to this guide, for those just dont want to modify files and investigate more around what we can change...
  7. D

    Unsolved  Force Host code for Bo3 mp lobbys

    Hey have anyone a force host code for me for bo3 mp lobbys pls in gsc. script
  8. Splitgate 2021 | Team SWAT | Free to Play Awesomeness!

    Splitgate 2021 | Team SWAT | Free to Play Awesomeness!

    Hello everyone! Snake here, and I'm bringing you guys some classic Team SWAT gameplay. I'm sure many of you like me are waiting in anticipation for Halo: Infinite, which will also have its multiplayer modes F2P, so I'm playing a lot more Splitgate. Very familiar feeling game (halo+portal=splitgate).
  9. Jackswrld

    Unsolved  Where can i download waw map packs for online?

    Title says it all its pretty much a requirement now to try getting in a game in 2021 if anyone know where i can get the files for the map packs for multiplayer it would be much appreciated :smile:
  10. S

    Discussion  TOBA? Is this for real? MOBA meets tower defense.

    I've come across a few sub reddits with the word TOBA in it, apparently, there is a new game coming that its combining MOBA aspects plus Tower defense, I caught a few gameplay and it seems the heroes in this game do not use items to power themselves off, its more based on strategy and tower...
  11. T

    (FREE)Cold War 3v3 Boosting Lobbies

    Friend and I are going to be hosting some 3v3 boosting lobbies. Please come prepared and having a basic understanding as to what is going on. Drop your Activision ID in the comments and I will add you. Plan on going a majority of the night so if you don't get added right away you will eventually.
  12. YGLW

    Free Cold War XP Lobbies (CLOSED)

    STATUS: CLOSED UNTIL I BUY NEW ACCOUNT. Comment Your Activision IDs Below! Rules: 1. Do not PM Me, I will not respond. This Is FREE 2. Comment Your Activision ID for me to add. 3. Please have patience! 1 Lobby per person 4. This is safe and has never happened but if your account gets reset or...
  13. B

    MP Boosting Lobby

    Trying to set up a boosting lobby need a lot of you guys lmao But add me if you tryna boost on multiplayer (StopCampingLoser#7571050)
  14. M

    Boosting Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Add my PSN MjPapaBott comment your ID

    Boosting Black open Cold War Multiplayer comment your ID or PSN
  15. M

    Discussion  After 4 years I finally released my PVP Sports-Brawler! HyperBrawl Tournament!

    Hey Guys, I'm Luke, an artist at Milky Tea Studios, a Liverpool UK based indie studio, and I'm super hyped to say that after 4 long years of blood, sweat, tears and pizza, I finally released HyperBrawl Tournament (to give you an idea of the game, some have described it as Rocket League meets...
  16. FacelessOne123


    TUTORIAL + Go to the internet settings and set up your internet custom the only thing you going to change is the MTU from 1500 to 800 the you connect back online +go to the specialist button on Multiplayer , Arena, custom games + join your fiend that is in zombies you will join him but sill...
  17. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET the BOWIE KNIFE in Black Ops 3 MULTIPLAYER in 2020! (BO3 Glitch PS4/Xbox One)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend & 2 Controllers Steps: - First of all, join a friend in the zombies menu - Then go to weapon kit/secondaries/RK5/Paintjob & press "create new" - Once you've done that, ask your friend to go in Multiplayer with you - Once you're in Multiplayer, press back a few times &...
  18. M

    Looking for boosting without mic

  19. sakoni

    Solved  Blank License Plates work anymore?

    Hello, I have been looking around for methods on blank license plates on vehicles, would be nice for some military vehicles I have but most of the guides and programs seem to be outdated by years, and whenever trying to apply spaces or special invisible characters my license plate would end up...
  20. Quitting Too Many Matches In Gears 5 Can Get You A 2-Year Ban

    Quitting Too Many Matches In Gears 5 Can Get You A 2-Year Ban

    Any players who leave too many Gears 5 multiplayer matches will be hit with a new punishment: a ban leading up to two years. An official tweet went out from The Coalition Twitter account announced that players quitting matches were going to start getting suspended. Any player who got a...
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