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  1. iandertale

    Question  BD-ROM emulator won't show in the multiman options

    i'm trying to play sonic generations and everytime i launch it, it goes to the normal ps3 homescreen i've seen tutorials saying that i need to enable BD-ROM emulator on multoman, but it wont show! im using a ps3 slim if that helps
  2. COST507

    Discussion  I have problime in multiuman CFW Evlint , i can't start my games on multiman.

    If i start the game i can't find it on the XMB or homebreow like a disc icon , and i am on CFW 4.88 and this is my first time tring CFW , plz help.
  3. Kaptain Kommando

    Question  CFW and mmCM upgrade advice

    Hi Everyone, I'm a casual PC gamer but I recently bought a PS3 with CFW installed. Technical details are: PS3 Model No. CECH2002A System Software 4.82 [SC-35 | PL3] mmCM 04.82.00 Firmware Mode COBRA 7.54 compatible I've just started to learn about custom firmware and apps for PS3. I wonder...
  4. M

    Question  Unsolved Unable to run backup games on MultiMan

    Firmware: Rebug 4.84 DEX COBRA: 8.1 (Enabled) I moved it from my internal hard drive to my external. I was going to another version of it but, had no more space. So I moved it back and now whenever I launch it using multi-man, it goes to a black screen and doesn't load up. Does anyone know how...
  5. R

    Question  help with installing games

    Okay, so. I got my PS3 a multiman and got myself a **** ton of games (i dont know which formats, some of them are iso, some are pkg, i have 0 experience in this and zero knowledge). I downloaded Last of Us into it (I bought the game before, but it crashed and never loaded since), then site where...
  6. Walmart Shooter

    Question  loading games on multiman blackscreen

    I have a 4.81 rebug cfw ps3, I have black ops 2 which i donwloaded off the internet which works fine, however I had gta5 that i downloaded off the disc on my console and accidentally deleted it when I tried to delete something else and it wouldnt so filezilla just decided to delete it which...
  7. S

    Question  multiMAN copying game ABORTED!!

    March 24, 2018 Hey everyone, I'm having trouble, I have a question I can't find anywhere. I'm trying to backup a copy of my game to my HDD , but multiMAN keeps aborting the copy process, at different times. My disc doesn't have a scratch on it, so maybe my blue ray drive is struggling.. BUT...
  8. KingTravis405

    Question  Need help with gtav npeb install

    I want to be able to play & use bles sprx After downloading GTA V npeb from ps3 browser (using a homebrew app) the pkg goes into a folder under hdd0>game>browserapp>downloads Do I need to move it somewhere else before installing? I can't get it to appear on multiman and when I attempt to load...
  9. B

    Question  error code 80010006

    Hi ive been trying to get GTA 5 on my jail broken ps3, but after i add the files as shown through youtube videos i get an error code 80010006 when staring GTA the solutions i found were to do a file system restore, so i did that tried again and nothing, i still get the same error im running the...
  10. S

    Question  Multiman Not Recognizing Games on External HDD.

    Hello, I am having an annoying issue with multiman. I formatted my external HDD to fat32, set it up with a GAMES (also tried GAMEZ) folder and placed the needed games in there. So the path is (HDD/GAMES/GAMEFOLDER/GAMEFILES). As specified above I have also changed the GAMES folder to GAMEZ...
  11. OtakuOnShrooms

    Discussion  no copy option in multiman?

    Hi im new to modding and i just did the lastest exploit and brought my ps3 to what i believe is REBUG 4.81.2 REX EDITION, and i got the latest version of multiman from the homebrew site which i believe is also the same version 4.81.2 and everything is working fine. However as soon as i tried...
  12. TheKingMODz

    Question  Unable to play DVD's & Copy Games to HDD on PS3 JB

    Hello, I'm having an issue with playing DVD's and Copying games via MultiMAN on my PS3 JB, My PS3 Specs: PS3 Slim 4.7 DEX Cobra 7.1 I would like to put the DVD's on my HDD but if I can get it to just play normal i'd be much happier :) also I can't copy games to my HDD, any advice would be...
  13. amermstwntd2

    GTA 5 1.06 - 1.27 BLES title update packages for CFW PS3 to date *6/27/2017*

    1.14 - https://www.mediafire.com/?ep2y52y21pzd3jf virus scan- https://www.metadefender.com/#!/results/file/ZzE3MDYyN0gxNmRVZndsTmJTMUFkTEdEeE5i/regular/analysis 1.15 - https://www.mediafire.com/?ts2ued2ilsi1dh6 virus scan-...
  14. D

    Solved  Help with CFW PS3 GTA V?

    I'm gonna start by saying I'm new to modding and everything so I basically have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Anyway, i have a CFW PS3 with GTA already installed and the serendipity mod menu also installed. GTA is installed with multiman, but...
  15. Z

    Question  PLEASE HELP! PS3 OFW Pexploit modding help...

    Hello there Se7ensins community. im new to this site so bare with me here... so i just sold my ps4 because i needed the money for my own bday sadly. so anyways i need help with something very big. i dont know if any is aware that you can still mod PS3s currently over 3.55OFW. yeah yeah i know...
  16. XsevenXplaguesX

    Question  PS3 Black Screen

    My friend ordered a Jailbroken PS3 Slim. I was helping him set it up through teamviewer and filezilla on his computer, he got a black screen trying to load rebug, and then again when trying to load multi-man. I could access and change settings in webman through the web browser. Then we...
  17. infoown

    Tutorial  [CEX AND DEX] Change Multiman Music [EASY]

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Tired of listening to that weird "arabic" music Multiman comes with by default? Don't know how to change it? You are in the right place my friend. REQUIREMENTS: USB or PC with FileZilla MP3 file of a song you want for your Multiman menu CFW PS3 with the latest...
  18. H

    Question  Help ? How do i install webman / multiman on ps3 rebug 4.75.1 rex thanks

    Help ? How do i install webman / multiman on ps3 rebug 4.75.1 rex thanks
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