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    Streaming / Video  New H1Z1 Montage, Feel Free To Give A Watch Thanks :)

    Feel free to leave a like & comment your thoughts, thank you :)
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  3. L

    Video  CODBlackOps4 One of a kind - Montage By the Boosters!

    Let me know how you like it ! - We did our best. Any kind of critics would love to read, Suggestions, ideas write em down... We would like to get better in this ! And ofc if you like it show some support and hit that sub button ! Here it is: Already starting to work on Vol#2
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    All  CODBO4 Montage done by the BOOSTERS ! Rate it Ladies!

    We would like to present to you the best montage out there for COD BlackOps4 done by the boosters ! Check it - Rate it - Support it ! More will come in the new year !
  5. A

    All  Check out this teamtage!

    Some buddies and I decided to start a clan since WWII dropped and we just released our first teamtage. We wanted to get something up on the channel already so here it is: Ya boy's clips are at the end ;) Hopefully we'll have better editing and some WWII clips for DeFy Opposition 2!
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    Video  My first IW sniper montage

    Hello everyone this is my first montage i edit.
  7. F


    I will edit montages for free, you just have to have clips ready for me to edit, be able to share the clips with me in some way and know what background song you want. Message my GT for further information : MinT Frostt
  8. FinaBeNasty

    Halo 5 Ninja Montage! **EPIC!**

    Hey Everyone! I just finished my first Halo 5 ninja montage. Check it out and let me know what you think! I enjoy staying creative and having fun with this game! Do it For the Love | Halo 5 Ninja Montage | FinaBeNasty
  9. VelocityRewinds

    Video  Drum and Bass Mw3 Montage.

    Here's a fun video a made out of kills from a match on Terminal QSing. The theater mode messed up 2 of the kills but when I played, all the shots and throwing knives actually hit the people.
  10. X


    Hey guys I've recently started making videos again, I would appreciate if anyone could check me out. Thanks! P.S let me know if you subbed ect and i'll happily return the favour :D Also here's my first MWR montage, I personally prefer this one And finally one of my older videos, MW2 was such...
  11. xGamer7777x



    Video  GTA V Stunts & Tricks v2.0

    This is a video of me doing a combination of Stunts & Tricks.
  13. L

    Video  How To Battlefield

    Hey guys, I wanted to share a little montage I put together for Battlefield 1! Let me know what you guys think, any feedback would be great... Thanks Link:

    Video  Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Rage Montage #1

    Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Rage Montage #1
  15. Shad0wStrike

    Video  My First Infinite Warfare Montage!

    My very first montage! I'd really appreciate any feedback you guys may have as I'm still new to making Call of Duty content as well as video editing in general! Thanks in advance!!:smile:
  16. GooseAlwaysDies

    Fallout 4 VATS Mini Montage (Mini-Tage)

    Put together a little mini montage for everyone. Fallout 4 when using VATS makes for awesome cinematic effect when making montages. Enjoy and have a great weekend!
  17. Crooked T

    Video  Halo 5 Montage

    Hey guys a short but fun halo 5 montage for you to watch thanks hope you enjoy it :D
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