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money & rp grind

  1. GlitchPolizei

    Tutorial  10.000.000 GTA $ 100% AFK + 50K RP EASY

    Earn AFK Money and RP in GTA Online 10.000.000 GTA $ 40-50 min 25k-50k RP 1-2 min You will need: GTA V Online Kiddion's Mod Menu AFK Job with 100 Rounds (10.000.000 GTA$) 40-50 min If you downloaded Kiddions and bookmarked a solo AFK job in GTA, go to an Invite-only session. (Only from...
  2. aksmina

    Money Drop Session [ Status: Online ]

    HOW to JOIN: 1. Add my sc, and join to my crew (Honeydropper) 2. My username is PrincessOfHoney 3. I made crew session, u can only join after u joined to my crew 4. Read the RULES Rules 1. Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in anyway! 2. Do not bank or spend any money in my...
  3. jw460


    ?XBOX1 AFK LINKS? Since this isn’t technically a “glitch” and it’s been made with the tools Rockstar has Provided us, I have decided to post my AFK links Publicly for the better of the Xbox1 GTA Community!!! So here we go!!! ‼️ENJOY‼️ In my favorite order...... #1 jw460 15/7 AFK This was my...
  4. AFK Capture partners.

    AFK Capture partners.

    Meet Players to go AFK with. Feel free to post Gamertags/PSNs/Social Club IDs.
  5. RepMore

    Xbox One -Boosting. Help selling, sourcing. Heists.

    Here to help anyone who has warehouses, bunkers, facility's, clubs ect... Also looking for EXPERIENCED players to join on compleating "Criminal Mastermind" Xbox one X Tag@: RepMore
  6. Proper Uniform

    Proper's Money Lobbies | 2.5k bags[AFKable] | UNDETECTED | Donations Accepted

    Welcome to Proper Uniforms' s Lobbies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS [OPEN] Social Club: Sethballer To get into the lobby, simply add my Social Club before i'm on or when i'm...
  7. SharphunterTgf

    Xbox One  GTA 5 Crew Recruitment

    - Discord: Stay connected with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Xbox Club: Share content with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Money Glitch: We Help the poor get rich...
  8. ScentedPotter

    ✅ PC modded money lobby ✅ Safe & undetected ✅ 1.50 Casino Heist DLC 2.5k bag drops ✅ Varying time frames

    Current Lobby Status: CLOSED Press the [HOME] key to set your game settings to appear online to Friends + Crew so that I may invite you Simply post your SocialClub gamertag below and I will add you as a friend and send an invite to the lobby then edit your gamertag post to...
  9. janremmurt

    GTA V Money Lobby PC only FREE

    CLOSED GTA 5 MODDED LOBBY (PC ONLY) Undetected Status: CLOSED Updated On: 14/04/2019 I am starting a Free money drop on GTA 5 ONLINE ( PC ONLY ) Before you join please follow these rules below: HOW TO JOIN THE LOBBY : 1.) Add GotCracked on social club :smile: 2.) Once you added Me...
  10. Monkex


    Accept Rules Add me on SC :Monkex1337 Join session dont need inv 3. After you join you have to come to LSIA 4.Dont drive / fly or do stunts near the drop location 5.Dont Bank or Spend Money in the Lobby 6.You can stay AS LONG AS YOU PLEASE 7.Must be in PASSIVE 8.Dont bring any cops 9.Dont ask...
  11. D

    Discovery  Red Dead Online Afk

    Don't know if this has already been posted but you can make a decent chunk of change by going AFK in the 32 man showdown series large by rubber banding or hair tying your controller (make sure to do it to both joysticks). With this method I made, in an hour, approximately $100-200 cash and about...
  12. NoP4inNoG4in

    Solved  RP and money jobs patched?

    So to night i tried to do a RP job, been a while since last time. Anyway, i started one of those were you walk in circles, this was a 24 hour job. I just woke up to the alert "You have been kicked for being too idle." On both of my PS4s, is there a way to fix this or do i just need a new job?
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