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  1. Nemo_


  2. Mnx

    Patched  Animal Carcass Duplication - 2 Player Glitch

    Friend must grab horse with carcass once it comes out the stable fast otherwise you wont get the dupe, also this glitch is highly unstable and sometimes doesnt even work. Small update removed legendary from title they work, just put 5 into hunting wagon and donate to Gus. Requirements: Friend...
  3. YAbo1

    Patched  A different trade glitch

    This is better for people who can't seem to get the timing for the other one Make sure you friend has 100/100 in his trader camp Enjoy! :smile: I'm unsure if this works with multiple people in you possy (I think the $675 will be split but I dont know if one of you can tell me that would be...
  4. M

    All  Chip Glitch video

    i made 1.25 billion in 30 mins probably the best and quickest money glitch in history# i used this video i found other ones unclear
  5. S

    Patched  GTA 5 Chip's Glitch | Make Billions | WORKS FOR PS4 + XBOX

    Requirements: - DMO Save - Empty crew - CHIPS - Spawn point: motorcycle club house English : Chip Method do the solo SPMP from SHIFTTEAM [/SPOILER] If you are in the MP go to the job for a Titan start the job Change to an SP character Pause menu -> Join crew members -> Accept...
  6. G

    Discovery  MP 2 SP, For a second. (POSSIBLE GOODNESS, Needs work.)

    Hi. Been messing around with this most of the afternoon I can recreate it every time. Notice my MP money loading into SP, +$150,000 I believe its possible some kind of money glitch could happen here, that $150,000 is payment from the property I own in SP. But since as you can see, I have...
  7. Mr Glitches GTA

    Discovery  Walk around with heist board options - Maybe lead to dupe?

    I was messing around with a few things Stand in front of Prep Board and request a job from Lester or ron through phone Open invite to job on the last message before accepting and hold pause - Let go of pause and straight after accept invite on phone (Should hear bleep from phone but have pause...
  8. Madz420HD


    *LIKE *COMMENT *SUBSCRIBE Founder - NZ420GLITCHER YOU NEED -1 panther or cougar and 1 friend then make your way to Valentine stable -you need to own at least 1 horse park you horse close to the stable -have your friend put the panther/cougar on your horse FROM THE RIGHT. -have your friend...
  9. T

    Discovery  Arena spectator box fuzzy screen

    Dont know if theres anything that can be done from this but ive tried alot od things, basically you go to the arena where the spectator box is and join someone in a different targeting mode but dont accept(this is only so the alert comes faster). Then click on spectate FREE and you will be...
  10. Silent Nine


    -Tutorial- *You Need Two Players* Get ANY animal. Go to Blackwater and on the right side on the docks. Make it so your horse is in water. Have your friend shot your horse. Call in your horse after it dies. Make sure you have the first animal that dropped in your hands and do make your horse...
  11. G TWIST

    Patched  Semi-Solo easy car duplication glitch [no custom plates!]Ps4 1.46

    What's up guys, I have an easy semi-solo duplication glitch for you, Founder afterpatch, G-TWIST requirement, 1 friend, invitation session, bunker with MOC with personal vehicle storage, ceo registration, arena / workshop garage 1, garage 2 with free elegy Rh8, No custom plate are needed...
  12. LosCangri


    Founder _- LosCangri Canal John Miler: Requerimentos: 1 Amigo 2 Cougar/ Pantera _________________________ Voce deve bugar o animal para seu amigo e seu amigo bugar para você! _- Depois de ambos estarem com o animal no cavalo, ambos...
  13. High Gamer

    Patched  100% Working*Must See Red Dead 2 UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch!! *

    **High Gaming HD** YouTube: High Gaming HD (Please feel free to subscribe) **Glitch Video** **Founder** YouTube: TLG_TV 264_ **Also Support That Boi J Stone** YouTube: J Stone **Updated Method** Hey guys a little update on the UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch, y'all will have to hold/spam right...
  14. Sir Kryptics


    New video hope you like it!
  15. E

    Working  Act 2 Repeat Glitch

    The following is a tutorial explaining how to perform the Doomsday Act 2 Repeat Glitch. Please keep in mind this method is for PC only. Since the timing and method is different on console. Also remember. BOTH Host and Helper will recieve money. I would suggest just playing 2 players, since that...
  16. I

    Patched  New masive dupe

    Duplicate post: hello friends today I bring you a massive duplicate glitch. Requirements: - MOC with Elegy RH8 - Car you want to duplicate - SEO Garage - Friend with MOC (only to do the glitch)...
  17. mathmattx

    Working  TOW TRUCK ONLINE+Store Capture and Mission Vehicles+Money Glitch

    MAJOR UPDATE - This glitch using creator steps with airstrike allows you to bring TOW TRUCK ONLINE! I haven't played in awhile but still browse forum. Saw this patched glitch from notifications and it stuck out -...
  18. D

    Solved  What can i do with a glitched car?

    So basically i was trying to make a glitch right and i somehow glitched out the car in my nightclub to be invisible for like 20 seconds every time i move it around or everytime i enter garage. And now its glitched forever, so i just wanted to know if theres anyway i can dupe my car like this?
  19. E

    Patched  RDR2 Online - Real Unlimited Money Glitch!! *After Patch* Pelt Duplication Glitch [Fast Method]

    Hey what's up se7ensins, Back with another money glitch that is the same if not better then the first. Antioo25 and I found this method and can dupe just like the last method ( We have another method as well but want to wait until this one is patched, that...
  20. B

    Discovery  Rdr2 Online Money Glitch Fish Bug

    I found this today when a few people were doing it. First: Go down to Scratching point a little bit southwest of tumbleweed. Second: go to the barrels behind the shed Third: pick up the random spawning fish Fourth: Switch to a different lobby rinse then repeat You earn about 44 dollars every few min
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