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    PC | Bruma's PC Modded Lobby | Money Drops, Car Spawns, Car Customization & More!

    Status: Open Next Drop: TBD Features: 1. Money Drops 2. Vehicle Spawns & Customizations How to Join: 1. Read and understand the rules for the lobbies. 2. Add Forever_Winter on Social Club. 3. Once your friend request is accepted, wait for your invitation. 4. Upon completion of your visit in...
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    [CLOSED] GTA Money Drop (2)Lobby's! [FAST][2,5K Bags][FREE][SAFE][UNDETECTED]

    ╔══════╗ ║STATUS║ ╔╩══════╩╗ CLOSED ╚════════╝ ╔═════════════╗ ║Who is Dropping║ ╔══════════╩═════════════╩══════════╗ Befor you press on the Spoiler Read "Info" and "How to Join" first! ╚═════════════════╝ ╔═══════════╗ ║HOW TO JOIN║ ╔═══════════════════╩═══════════╩═══════════════════╗ If...
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    Unsolved Is it save to continue taking money drops after getting a month ban from sc?

    Hello guys, I didn't followed the rules during one money drop. I dispatched the dropped money and spend a lot of it. My question is: Can I continue while following all rules after the ban? kind regards Koka
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    Hey there! My name is Aldoraz and after getting a lot of money here on Se7enSins, i got myelf a Mod Menu and want to return the favour! I'm using one of the MOST SECURE Mod Menus out there right now! Please do not break the following rules as they ensure that you won't get banned and that you...
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    [OFFLINE 🔴] Money Drop Lobby || 2.5k Bags || EASY & SAFE

    Vice Drops Money Drop Lobby IN ORDER TO GET INVITED, YOU MUST REPLY WITH YOUR SC AND "I accept the rules" STATUS: Offline How to Join: Reply on this thread your SC username and i will add you. RULES: You must stay in passive mode Once you leave, you MUST delete the dropper as friend DO NOT...
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    GTA 5 Free Money Drop (2.5K Bags) | Fast,Safe and Undetected |

    Status : Closed :( Hi guys, I am starting a Free Drop service, How To Join: Add RaptorGamezzz on socialclub and I will invite you Before you join the lobby please follow the rules below 1. Wait to get invited in the lobby, in case you don't get an invite PM me here so I help you out, 2. DO...
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    KDAR reborn! We're Back In Action! F.A.Q Q) How do I join the money drop? A) Add me and wait for an invite Q) Is there a chance of me getting banned after collecting modded money? A) No, there is not! The only way You can get banned is by the reporting system. Just be sure You won't report...
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    🤑 FREE 🤑 | 💎StewyMods💎 | 💰2.5k Money Drops💰 | 💯0% Ban Rate / Undetected💯 |

    Welcome to StewyMods Money Drops I am the ORIGINAL making of this format I suggest not copying and pasting it. 1. Comment with "I accept the rules" below 2. Send me a friend request on Social Club 3. After I have accepted, just join. No invite needed 4. Head over to the Airport (Follow the...
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    Dheath's Drop Lobby[PC] Free drop lobbies range from 1-2 hours and happen almost everyday. (I do about 2 drops a day) My most active time is between 10am-12pm CDT Last updated: 05/17/2019 Status= closed Proof Rules - Do not Transfer money to your bank while in the drop lobby. (find...
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    Gta 5 Money drop (2.5K)

    Offline Rules: Come to airport. Go in passive mode. Dont bring cops. Dont spend money in the same session you got it from. Dont invite your friends if they have not added me. How to join: Post your socialclub name. Wait for me to add you. I will invite you. I am not responseble by any...
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    GTA V / Money Drop 2.5k Bags ✅ / Safe✅ / PC [Online]

    DropElite Money Drop sc: Olfri... 2,5k drops Safe drop Rate Undetected Rules -be Respectful to Everyone. -Go into passive mode when at the money drop. -No killing anyone at the money drop. -Do not Spend or Bank your money in this lobby. -Don't spend all your Money at once. -Players that...
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    Zandre's Free 2.5K - GTA 5 Daily Drop service

    Status: Open I am starting a Free Daily Drop service, Before you join the lobby please follow the below rules HOW TO JOIN 1. Add " Golue19 " on social club and leave social club below 2. Accept Invite or Join! RULES « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » No vehicles or vehicle wrecks around, please. No...
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    Patched STILL WORKING AFTER UPDATE $1000 per second

    If you’ve done the update and suddenly thought that this is the end of your money making spree... here is a new solution. 1) Join A Public Session. 2) Call Lester, repeat the glitch. 3) Go to LSIA Flight School Gates. 4) Drive to the Hangar that spawns in the army aircraft. 5) $1000s start...
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    The HiAsFu Drop Lobby I 100% Safe I 2.5k Bags I 0% Bans

    Welcome To the HiAsFu Drop Lobby Hey yall, We've made the decision to start more than FREE money drop lobbies in GTA 5 Online! We want to have fun in the Drop lobbies with custom events! [ONLINE | OFFLINE] Hazzor5184 How to join? 1. Comment with "I accept the rules + SC name" 2. Send...
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    [COMMANDS] MONEY DROP [Donations Appreciated][100% UNDETECTED AND SAFE] [DAILY]

    I'm using a very powerful menu that is undetected and 100% safe from being banned. I host daily and would much appreciate any donations. I can also change the speed of the drops, keep in mind that it does not affect the pickup rate by much. In addition to this, this lobby will have commands...
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    Lunar_Modz | 2.5k Drop Lobby | Safe | Undetected | Closed

    Lunar_Modz Rockstar Social Club STATUS: OFFLINE Rules 1. Add me on social Club 2. After I accept your Friend request to join my lobby because it is on CLOSED FRIENDS so I don't have to invite you to the game 3. After you join go in PASSIVE MODE and Make your way to me on the map 4. Don't...
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    $MODDED LOBBY MONEY DROP$ (wade1246) (OPEN!)

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    YA_BOI_banana safe drop lobby (2.5k)

    Send me a friend request and I will accept. Join my game and come to Los Santos International Airport Go in to passive mode and do not bring cops Sc: YA_BOI_banana Dont steal
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    STATUS: Awaiting Approval HOW TO JOIN: Post your Social Club Name below Accept the friend request your receive (Account starts with lee) Accept invite to join the lobby RULES: Be respective of other players No police No killing other players DO NOT Spend your money in the lobby, or deposit...
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    GTA$ MONEY DROP 2k BAG$ [closed]

    Leave your sc below and I’ll add then just join threw my name Donations accepted @:
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