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money bags

  1. aksmina

    Money Drop Session [ Status: Online ]

    HOW to JOIN: 1. Add my sc, and join to my crew (Honeydropper) 2. My username is PrincessOfHoney 3. I made crew session, u can only join after u joined to my crew 4. Read the RULES Rules 1. Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in anyway! 2. Do not bank or spend any money in my...
  2. brnc


    IMPORTANT RULES - MUST READ! 1 - Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in any way!; 2 - Do not bank or spend any money in my session!; 3 - Passive Mode is REQUIRED!; 4 - Do not park vehicles near the drop, it will make the drop lag; 5 - Do not come with a wanted level...
  3. Xybrss

    [FREE] [PC] [OFFLINE] GTA V Online Money Drop Lobby - 2.5k Bags - Good Drop Rate - No Lag - LSIA - Fun Chill Lobby - Fast Accept - [100% SAFE]

    -----------------WELCOME TO XYBRSS' MONEY DROP LOBBY----------------- [STATUS]: OFFLINE DO NOT ADD ME WHILE I AM OFFLINE >>>>>>HOW TO JOIN<<<<<< 1. Read the rules below 2. Post below that you accept the rules and attach your SC name 3. Add Xybrss on Social Club and wait for me to accept you...
  4. brnc


    IMPORTANT RULES TO JOIN IN THIS LOBBY: 1 - Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in any way!; 2 - Do not bank or spend any money in my session!; 3 - Passive Mode is REQUIRED!; 4 - Do not park vehicles near the drop, it will make the drop lag; 5 - Do not come with a wanted level...
  5. AnimeTiddies Drop


    ANIMETIDDIE'S GTAV MONEY DROP LOBBY How does it work? 1. The thread will be opened and the status will also be updated to say so. 2. Type your Social Club Name in the comments, send me a friend request and the join the lobby once I accepted. 3. We will meet up at the Open-Air-Theatre next to...
  6. F


    If you would like to join my lobbies send a message to my social club asking “Can I join your lobby?” and you will be invited when I have time to drop! Social club: Baambooozled Spammers will be ignored.
  7. ViceDrops

    [OFFLINE ?] Money Drop Lobby || 2.5k Bags || EASY & SAFE

    Vice Drops Money Drop Lobby IN ORDER TO GET INVITED, YOU MUST REPLY WITH YOUR SC AND "I accept the rules" STATUS: Offline How to Join: Reply on this thread your SC username and i will add you. RULES: You must stay in passive mode Once you leave, you MUST delete the dropper as friend DO NOT...
  8. S


    Welcome to SIXTHRevolutions Cash Drop Lobby! Status: OFFLINE !Undetected! RULES: 1. Do not bank money 2. do not spend money in lobby 3. Enable Passive Mode 4.Standing Still 5.After adding i invite to Lobby Write your SocialClub Name and i will add you soon...
  9. N

    Solved  Bypassing transaction pending help?

    I have been doing lobbies for people but it seems that when the money drops my friend gets transaction pending. Is there away I can just drop the money fast or does it have to be at a slow pace? Obviously you drop 2.5k but I can only seem to drop that a second or it messes up. Can anyone help
  10. C

    Money lobbies

    [PC ONLY*]! Status: ONLINE [UNDETECTED] « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » How To Join 1. Reply to the thread with your SC. 2. Make sure to add CholeB69 3. A message CholeB69 saying 'Hi'. 4. Wait till I accept your friend's request. 5. Join the drop & have fun. « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » CHANGED MY...
  11. L


    GTA 5 MONEY DROP (PC ONLY) Updated on: 10/05/2019 server status: OPEN People who've rated this thread as fake are banned from any and all of my future lobbies. Simply because they weren't patient enough or my lobby was full (30 max) players at once. STEPS ON HOW TO JOIN: 1. Leave your social...
  12. JAKward

    PC - Free Drop Lobbies - 2.5k Bags - WE BACK OPEN!

    Lobby Status : OPEN! IF YOU ENJOY THE LOBBY LEAVE A LIKE AND LEGIT! PROOF! Welcome to my free money lobbies! How to join Type your SC below and I will add you. Once I've added you, accept and join my session. Head to the airport. Lobby Rules 1. Go into passive mode. 2. Do not kill...
  13. Fridi2806

    GTA V / Money Drop 2.5k Bags ✅ / Safe✅ / PC [Online]

    DropElite Money Drop sc: Olfri... 2,5k drops Safe drop Rate Undetected Rules -be Respectful to Everyone. -Go into passive mode when at the money drop. -No killing anyone at the money drop. -Do not Spend or Bank your money in this lobby. -Don't spend all your Money at once. -Players that...
  14. o0_R7R_0o

    [COMMANDS] MONEY DROP [Donations Appreciated][100% UNDETECTED AND SAFE] [DAILY]

    I'm using a very powerful menu that is undetected and 100% safe from being banned. I host daily and would much appreciate any donations. I can also change the speed of the drops, keep in mind that it does not affect the pickup rate by much. In addition to this, this lobby will have commands...
  15. zHonorx

    Money Lobby! $2.5K Bags (SAFE)

    HOW TO JOIN! If you want a money drop, put your social club name in the comments below and I'll invite you when I am making a money drop lobby RULES!! 1.Do NOT spend/bank money in this lobby 2.Do NOT deposit your money in to your bank 3.Dont report me or anyone in the lobby 4.Do not ask for...
  16. G

    PERSONA Money Lobby /2,5k/1h/PC

    PC ONLY Rules: 1. add SC: skylinerhype 2. Join my game. 3. Turn on passive mode 4. Meet at the airport and spread out. IN GAME RULES: no killing no cops no explosions no bank money no spend money no report any players Fell free to donate: [email protected] Proof:

    GTAOMATES MONEY DROP ✅ I UNDEDECTED MOD✅ I 2.5K$ stealth ✅ Very Experienced Dropper ✅

    PC ONLY Status: OFFLINE Rules: 1. Leave your SC down below and i will add you . 2. Then join my game 3. Meet at the airport. Don't bring police with you and stay in passive mode . 4. I will accept 15 people every 20 minutes so we can have a lag-free session . Be patient 5. Do not ask for...
  18. Captainshots

    Free Modded lobby on pc {Open}

    PC free modded lobbies 1: As Soon As You Join The Game Go Into Passive Mode. 2: When In The Game Come To LSIA (Airport) 3: Do Not Kill Anybody Or You Will Be Kicked And Blacklisted 4: Do Not Steal Money Or You Will Be Kicked 5: Do Not Mod Whilst In The Lobby. Action Will Be Taken. 6: Do...
  19. ShareThyLove

    ✔️ShareThy's Free Gtav Money Lobbies ✔️

    ⚠Please Read Rules Before Joining!⚠ Status : Offline Basic Info You Need To Know! I Host From NA Mid-West! So I Can't Help That Our Connections Are Weak! I Host 12 Hours A Day Most Days! PC ONLY Please Know I Host Free And Will Always Be Free! Step's Too Join? Comment Your SC And Accept...
  20. STRIKE420

    2.5K Drops | Secure | After Patch of 1.43 | StrikeMods

    The first money drops after the patch of 1.43! Secure 2.5K bags, only ten people max in lobby. I'll get to your name when I can so pls be patient. Proof :
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