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    Unsolved RGH help

    Recently got a RGH and got given the enforce x mod for GTA and it said all I have to do it put the file in plugin 3 and make sure the version update is up to date and for some reason it comes up when I load gta the mod but then crashes when loading anybody know how to fix it
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    Unsolved Freezing on Zombies

    I load up zombies on bo2 on my rgh. I inject a menu with gsc studio. Everything is fine until the zombies freeze and then I freeze. I've tried project iconic, and RMT, and I get the same error with both.
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    Tools Halo All In One TOOL

    I post my new tool for halo reach, it only includes exclusive options, shady mods to crack my tool and it is to appropriate my options, so I prefer to share it sorry if my english is bad, i m french good game <3...
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    Modded lobbies unlock all lvl 1000

    T7 menu Pc only no console. LD and Cryptokeys aswell lvl 1000, unlock all, achievements
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    Discussion Has anyone else used one of these kits on their PS4 controller?

    I have had one for about a year and a half and I am absolutely loving in. My question is, has anyone else used one and what do you think about it? (Images thanks to the Extreme Rate website)
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    World at war achievement

    Hey guys, I've done all the achievements in COD WaW (Xbox 360) and there's one which I did 3-4 times (Campaign on hardened or veteran) but who hasn't unlocked, is there someone here who can make mods to help me get the achievement please, it would be really nice!
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    Game Mods GTA IV Destroyer v4.5 - SLOD Freeze & IP Pulling (Last Updated: 17/05/2020)

    GTA IV Destroyer v4.5 (Last Updated: 17/05/2020) (Superlod Freeze Method a.k.a SLOD Freeze + IP Pulling) Open the menu using LB & DPAD Left.
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    Unsolved Visual design tool to test/create mod menu?

    Hi guys, So I'm in the process of making a mod menu for BO2 and testing out colours of the menu background, borders, scroller etc is very time consuming as I have to keep switching between pc and 360. Is there a tool where I can input the colours in rgb for each menu item and text to see...
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    Unsolved Can’t access my Classes please help

    Somebody hacked my MW2 where I freeze out of the game everytime I try to access my classes or join a team. I don’t know how to fix it, can someone please help. GT ToXiC Lacrosse
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    Unsolved GTA Mod Menu Titan 1.50

    Hey, My GTA is crashing if i'm using the mod menu, (Titan 1.50) Its fine if i go on a player once, if i go on any player a 2nd time my game crashes and they want me to run safety mode, Any solutions?
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    Unsolved Help Modding Borderlands 3

    okay I'm trying to mod Borderlands I have this weapon but I liked it so much I want to just make it a higher level I've been looking at videos and stuff I download a cheat engine I'm Borderlands 2 I have did some things where they you change some stuff to attachments and I had like a website all...
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    Unsolved How to mod gtav on 360?

    I am new to this and I want to add cars and game modes to my Xbox 360 someone help me
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    Unsolved Any recommended undetected mod menus for GTA 1.50

    I just bought GTA and I really need cash but I don't wanna grind. So i'm looking for a mod menu that is really undetected and really works. I don't wanna just pick a menu on my own on youtube because there are lots of viruses out there and I don't wanna get one. If anyone could link me to a good...
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    Unsolved How to Get Mods on MW3 For Mac

    anybody on here know how to get mw3 mods on mac? i have wine/wineskin and a windows emulator is too much work for my macbook. thanks in advance. edit: even if its just a max prestige save or something would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)
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    Unsolved How to boost my GTA online account ps4

    How do they boost accounts? The main one is not duping but spawning the deluxo to resell at 2.8mil. All have different license plates. Other boosts are buying offices and upgrading to the max and such. Or RP. How is this done? Gta 5 online ps4. It does not involve a glitch. Thanks.
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    Mod Menu Medaka's C*ck TU17 (Updated for 17559)

    EDIT (11 Dec 2019): Fixed issue with menu not loading on some systems This is the Ghosts version of Medaka's C*ck. Updated to work on 17559 :smile: Changelog (12/27/2019): Fixed force host Changelog (11/16/2019): Added VIP menu and moved godmode/ufo in there. Added aimbot, trickshot aimbot...
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    Tools MrDucxy Gradient xNotify!

    Hello Se7ensins! I got bored and made a decent xNotify/HUD for those RGH/JTAG/DevKit Users. Hope you enjoy! Screenshot: Download:
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